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Roughing It goes International!
This week at camp is world cultures and cultural awareness week at Roughing It. We practiced life skills around camp
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Parents Closing Circle!
Today we welcomed our wonderful camper families to camp for Parents Closing Circle! Camper groups have worked hard all week
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Creative Campers at Roughing It
Week two of camp has been a blast! This week is creativity week at Roughing It, and boy are our
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Welcome Back for Session 2!
We are so excited to welcome back all of our returning campers for session two, and would like to extend
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Aloha From Roughing It!
This week at Roughing It is our last week of session one, and was camp spirit and community week. Campers
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Session One Farwell Song From Staff
Today was the last day of session one! We want to thank everyone for an amazing first session! We hope
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Captain Caboodle’s Day at Camp!
Hey, it’s me – CAPTAIN CABOODLE! I loved visiting camp today and getting to say hi to all of my
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Eco-Week Excitement!
This week at Roughing It is Eco-Week! Campers learn life skills like outdoor survival skills, group challenges (where everyone survives!)
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Fourth of July Fun!
It has been a great week here at Roughing It!  We started out the week celebrating the Fourth of July
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Welcome to Roughing It!
Welcome to the first week of camp! We have been having an absolute blast at Roughing It. This week was
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Considering Summer Camp? Take a personal camp tour before you decide.
Unless you’ve attended a particular camp yourself, it’s not easy to know what exactly goes on at the camp that
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5 Important Lessons Children Learn from Horses
When children take horseback riding lessons, they learn a lot more than just how to ride.  They learn valuable life
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Ways to Show You Love Horses
Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, so this is the time of year when everyone shows how much they love
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Update from Aladdin!
Neigh everyone! It’s Aladdin the Camp Horse!  All of my Roughing It horse friends and I are having a great
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Happy Holidays Horse Lovers!
Now that it’s December, the holiday season is also upon us, and that means it’s time to start shopping for
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Making Camp an Investment in Your Child
Todd Kestin recently wrote in the Huffington Post encouraging parents to approach summer camp planning in a new way. He advocated
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The Horses are Back at Lazy K!
After a wonderful three months at camp, the Roughing It horses are back at Lazy K Ranch where they will
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Horse of the Session (Session 2):  Matilda!
Hi everyone!  I’m so excited to be Horse of the Session!  I was new to Roughing It this year, and
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Horse of the Session (Session 1):  Aladdin!
Hi campers!  Thank you so much for choosing me as Horse of the Session!  I have been coming to Roughing
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Hiking Improves Critical Thinking Skills
 Now that it’s spring and the weather has started getting warmer, it’s time to start spending more time outside!  Hiking
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Welcome Back! Returning Staff for 2016!
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Check Out Our Camp Horses – New and Returning! (news)
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Ride Site Preparation – Getting Ready for Horses to Arrive!
We are busy getting ready for the start of camp! Here are a couple of behind the scene pictures from
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