Welcome to Roughing It!

wk 1 v2.jpg

Welcome to the first week of camp! We have been having an absolute blast at Roughing It. This week was friendship week, where campers worked on getting to know the other members of their group and making new friends. During the first week of camp, camper groups bond by creating a group name, making a flag and finding a secret fort to spend their group time. Today, we celebrated the end of friendship week with Twin Day! It was a hoot to see all of the creative ways campers dressed alike.

At Superchoice, our program for teens, campers get to choose where they would like to spend the majority of their time on Friday afternoons. There are so many great options every week, and today the highlight of Superchoice was the scavenger hunt at Kayaking! Campers searched high and low down on the waterfront while learning to perfect their strokes. Working together, the kayaking teams raced to see who could complete the hunt the fastest!  

The G56s are the Group of the Week! This fun group of campers are full of fun energy and have tons of camp spirit! They’ve had a great first couple days of camp and are all becoming great friends. They are super active in all of the camp activities including swimming, canoeing, and riding. We’re happy to have you, girls! 

Next week we are looking forward to celebrating the Fourth of July at our family picnic day! Be sure to check back in every Friday to keep up to date with all of the fun things going on at camp!