1st - 4th Grade Day Camp Program

Groups by grade for friendship, fun, and new activities!


Roughing It’s Day Camp Program

Our day camp is a traditional outdoors program that runs in 2-week or longer sessions. The program is designed for the abilities and interests of campers entering 1st-4th grade. Longer sessions provides campers consistency and more opportunities to build skills, confidence and make friends.

Day Camp Activities

  • Sports & Field Games
  • Group Activities, Quiet & Active Games
  • Crafts
  • Nature & Environmental Education
  • Outdoor Living Skills  & Hiking
  • Adventure (4th grade & above)
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Canoeing (2nd grade and above)
  • Swimming
  • Teambuilding
  • Singing and Skits

“I’m choosing Roughing It Day Camp for my son this summer so he can have a chance to just be a kid again!”


Prospective Camper Mom, 2021

Experience was worth every penny!

My kid is already looking forward to next summer!

Heather, Camper Parent
1st Grade Camper

He bonded with the counselors and co-campers and I believe this was really instrumental in his learning what was being taught even better than he had in the past. He grew a lot in the area of working as a team. I have already recommended the camp to various friends and they are planning to send their children.

Alex, 1st Year Camper
3rd Grade Camper Group

These campers do hold counselors on very high pedestals.

They are gods in their eyes, they are the rock stars that they want to be.

Sharon, Camper Parent
1st and 3rd Grade Campers

I loved Roughing It as a kid and my son loves it now!

It’s great to develop and foster in my son the appreciation for outdoors that I had as a child.

Rick, Roughing It Alumni and 5-Year Camper Parent

We sent our 1st grader to a 4-week session this summer, and she had the time of her life…

 What makes this place special are the traditions, sessions and wonderful outdoor setting at the reservoir. The group environment is really conductive to building camaraderie, and strong friendships.

Michale, 1st Year Camper Parent
1st Grade Camper

[Our son] August came home singing new songs every day and loved teaching them to us.

August loved camp. He cried last week when he found out it was his last week. He was so sad he had to wait another year to go again!

Georgia, Camper Parent
1st Grade Camper

Roughing It is William’s happy place. He cannot wait to return!

Wynne B.
3 year Camper Parent

My son really loves Roughing It Camp.

He was so sad to see it end and he cannot wait to come back next summer!

Michelle, Camper Parent
CILT Group

We look forward to camp all year and it always turns out to be the best part of the year.

He’s loving being a CILT (Counselor In Leadership Training), and it is really good for him!

Johanna, Camper Parent
CILT Group

Every one of the staff knows my daughter’s name, and there was no doubt she felt loved there.

Michael, 2nd Year Camper Parent

He was happy, dirty, ate like a horse, slept like a log, and got to do things he couldn’t do anywhere else.

Kitty, Younger Camper Parent
Kindergarten Camper Group

I appreciate that Roughing It hires the best staff to be role models for my boys.

Janice, 3rd Year Camper Parent

I really liked how my son felt part of something and was proud to wear the T-shirt.

Alex, 1st Year Camper

Roughing It was a terrific growth experience for both our kids and the best summer ever.

It provides a healthy, wholesome environment for kids to live, learn, doing all sorts of activities that allow them to enjoy summer to its fullest while learning skills that will help them in life.

Barry, 8-Year Camper Parent of a
Junior High Camper and Junior Counselor

Roughing It is the highlight of the year for us

and we feel that it is one of the best experiences for developing the whole person that we can provide for our kids.

Cindy and Lee, 8-Year Camper Parents
Junior High Campers

My daughter loved camp so much that she attended camp for 4 weeks and then went back for 4 more! The skills she learned over the summer were incredible.

Dianna, 1st Year Camper Parent
Pre-K Camper Group

Camper Groups – Building Friendships and Community

We divide campers into groups based on their age and gender with activities that meet each camper’s abilities and interests. Each group is lead by an adult counselor who provides leadership, support, and team spirit. Campers spend the entire session with their group and counselor and form close bonds of friendship. There are new activities and challenges for campers each year as they return and grow!

Our Camp Community

How are camp days spent?


The camp day is from 9:00am-3:00pm with before and after extended care options. Groups spend their day in scheduled activities, led by program staff who provide formal instruction that is fun and exciting. Activities are tailored for all ability levels. There are also open periods for relaxed group activities and exploring the Lafayette Reservoir. Spread throughout the day is time for snack, water breaks, bathroom breaks, sunscreen, and lunch in the shade. Each day builds upon the next as campers grow, learn and make new friends.


FAQ for 1st - 4th Grade Campers


Campers can attend 2-week or longer sessions. Our longer 4 & 8-Week sessions are the most popular and provide the best camp experience. We understand session length is a commitment for families and so offer shorter 2-week sessions that still provide a great outdoor experience.

The Value of 4 & 8-Week Sessions

Caring & Experienced Adult Counselors

We select staff who have experience working with young children and are excellent role models. Our overall camper to counselor ratio is 4:1.

More About Our Quality Staff

Camper Safety

Since our founding in 1972, we have understood the trust parents put in us to take care of their children. That is why the health and safety of each camper is the primary concern of each Roughing It staff member. Supervision of campers by staff is always constant.

All our staff are certified in /First Aid and CPR, and receive additional training in safety and health procedures during the week of staff orientation. All swim and waterfront staff are certified lifeguards.

More Safety Information

Transportation Included


We offer central bus stops in East Bay, San Francisco, Contra Costa and Tri Valley. Buses run from 8:00-9:00am and 3:00-4:00pm.

Transportation Details


Before and After Extended Care

The regular camp day runs from 9:00am-3:00pm. We offer before and after extended care for families who need need a longer camp day. 

More Extended Care Info

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