Waterfront Program

Learn to fish, row, canoe, and kayak at the Lafayette Reservoir.

Young Boy Campers Learn to Fish


Fishing is enjoyed by all campers, from PreK to 10th grade. Blue gill, trout, and bass are common catches down at the dock. After learning the safety rules of the dock, our fishing counselor teaches campers a variety of casting skills, with ample practice time.

There are many tales to be told while fishing at the dock. One of the most popular is the legend of Big Fred, the largest fish in the reservoir, with campers hoping to catch a glimpse of him.

Fishing Skills:

  • Fishing rules and safety
  • Drop line fishing & Baiting own hook
  • Knowledge of different kinds of bait and fish in reservoir
  • Casting (3rd grade and older)
  • Tying fishing knots
Young Campers Navigate their Rowboat in the Reservoir


Campers PreK to 4th grade learn to row at Capt’n Rough’s protected cove out on the reservoir.  Safety is the highest priority, and campers learn the boating rules, how to put on their life jacket (PFD), and how to board the boat properly. Every boat has a counselor on board, and it is safe for non-swimmers. All rowing activities are taught by our waterfront staff who are lifeguard certified. Campers will learn that Teamwork is essential as campers take trips around the cove and row out to Princess Row-a-boata’s tower.

Rowing skills:

  • Boating rules and safety
  • Can put on Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
  • Learn boat terms and positions: coxswain, rower, and lookout
  • Row with help of a partner & counselor
  • Synchronization of strokes & teamwork
  • Boating excursions, boat races and treasure hunts
Young Campers Row in Lafayette Reservoir


Campers 2nd through 10th grade learn the basics of flat water canoeing. Strokes are practiced on the dock and all campers must pass the tip-a-canoe safety challenge on land before going out in the water. Places too far to reach by rowboat are open for exploration by canoe, including small hidden coves of the reservoir that require dedicated teamwork and skill to reach.

Canoeing skills:

  • Canoe rules and safety
  • Can put on Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
  • Learn canoe strokes: Forward, Backward, C, J, and Draw
  • Canoe excursions around the reservoir
  • Obstacle course navigation, boat races and games
  • Endurance paddling and teamwork
  • Solo paddling (5th grade and above)
Tenn Campers Pose in Kayaks as a Group


Campers 5th to 10th grade participate in tandem kayaking and explore new areas of the west side of the lake.  Campers learn basic kayaking skills, maneuvering techniques, and the importance of teamwork to travel in straight lines, turn, and dock the boats. As they progress in skills, the waterfront staff teach new challenges and games to perfect skills while having fun!

Kayaking skills:

  • Kayak rules and safety as well as vocabulary
  • Basic Kayak strokes (forward, back paddle, draw, turns)
  • Paddle in tandem with a partner
  • Excursions and obstacles courses around the reservoir.