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Make a Difference in Children's Lives

Roughing It is an all-outdoors summer day camp for children ages 4-16, located at the Lafayette Reservoir in the San Francisco East Bay. We are now hiring staff to work as counselors and program staff for our Summer 2024 season, June 17 – August 9. Staff commute to Lafayette or ride a camp bus from the east bay area or San Francisco to camp each day. Most positions are 43-47 hours per week, Monday – Friday.

What Our Staff Have to Say

As a summer camp counselor you will have a positive impact on campers and their future.

Roughing It Staff Jobs

We are looking for great role models for our camp who are committed to helping campers learn and grow in the outdoors. 

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Why Work at Roughing It?

Make a Difference

As a camp counselor, you will have a deep and lasting positive impact on campers and their future.

Work Experience

Employers and graduate schools recognize the value of the leadership & teamwork you’ll learn at Roughing It.

Fun & Friends

Work we a great team of staff in a friendly, fun environment.

All Outdoors

Get outdoors this summer and connect with nature. Roughing It is located on a beautiful lake front site in the east bay.

Helping campers to conquer new challenges, and watching the uncertainty in their eyes be replaced by the confident and courageous look that only comes when you have reached deep down inside of yourself, and conquer your fears.

Seeing this happen to a member of your group is something I hope every counselor is able to experience. This is really what our job is all about!

Ashley, Group Counselor
1st year staff member

My last nine years at Roughing It have been very rewarding.

Moving from being a camper to a CILT to a Junior Counselor to a staff member, I’ve learned that kids are probably the best possible group of people to work with. This camp has been a significant part of my life.

Leslie, Asst. Swim Director
2nd year staff member

I honestly think it’s the experiences that make camp so special,

all the activities that we have and the chances that they get to do all these new interesting things especially at the ages that they’re at. It’s important to learn how to fish, swim, ride a horse, do crafts, learn about the environment. I think those are all the key aspects of camp and what

Baxter, Assistant Waterfront Director and Fishing Counselor
2 Years at Roughing It

I just loved my campers and am so happy for the time I got to spend with them.

All the great little moments added up to a wonderful summer. I hope to work at Roughing It again. The past two summers have been amazing and I love camp so much…

Carla, Group Counselor
2nd year staff member

My most memorable moment at camp was seeing a camper lope for the very first time on the trail, and knowing she had learned to ride correctly because I taught her!

Kim, HDC Counselor
1st year staff member

I learned a lot about working as part of a team, and how to appreciate all the different things in each camper that makes each child special.

Ashley, Rowing Staff
1st year staff member

I loved the bus rides, the giggles, the raking out stalls, and the teaching.

Roughing It has truly given me the ability to believe in myself as a teacher and an individual.

Erika, HDC Counselor
1st year staff member

I want to thank you for treating all of your employees like family.

Sarah, HDC Counselor
1st year staff member

There was always something in my day to make me smile.

The B2s’ jokes, the B1s’ huddle, the Little Raccoons’ cheers, hugs from the G1/2s, G2 saying hi when I pass; I just loved to see kids having fun in a healthy way.

Wendy, Unit Leader
2nd year staff member

When a camper comes to Roughing It they are building confidence, and they are learning teamwork with their group members.

They’re just growing – personal growth in so many different ways, skill development, emotional growth, conflict resolution, and learning to build stronger relationships as they’re working together.

Natalie, Unit Leader
2 Years at Roughing It

This summer was full of many fond memories for me.

I will remember many campers for many reasons, but what I will remember most is the sound of laughter and the sight of smiles that I saw every day this summer. I’d like to thank all of the counselors who, through their kindness, caring, and friendship, made Roughing It a fun place for (all of

Eric, Unit Leader
3rd year staff member

I came back to Roughing It for one reason – I love camp!

I love to see all the campers grown, I love to see them at the beginning and at the end because they really get comfortable, and they really create friendships.

Meagan, Waterfront Director
2 Years at Roughing It

Camp can teach the campers a lot of life skills.

One of the big ones that we work on in my group is working as a team and cooperating because when they get to see that final reward when they all work together and they come and they make this product and its better than anything any of them could have made individually, that’s really

Jimmy, 3rd Grade Boys Counselor
7-Year Camper, 1st Year Staff

Thank you all, so much, for an awesome summer! I still haven’t run out of camp stories to tell!

Kristen, Kayaking Staff
1st year staff member and former camper

Kids have amazing imaginations, and they know a lot more about life than we think.

Ryan, Group Counselor
3rd year staff member and former camper

I think that it’s much more important to act as a positive role model than to act ‘cool.’

Molly, Group Counselor
1st year staff member

I loved the times when campers would share something from their “outside” life with me.

It showed that they valued me as more than a counselor – as a friend.

Andrew, Group Counselor
1st year staff member

Working at Roughing It helped me realize that when the going gets tough the tough REALLY get going.

Shivani, Assistant Riding Director
1st year staff member

I really like to think that when the campers leave that they believe that they are capable of way more than they originally thought when they came into camp.

Charlie, 2nd Grade Boys Counselor
3 Years at Roughing It

At the end of the day, the most rewarding aspect of the job is to know that you have in some way positively impacted a camper’s life.

Stasi, Swim Director

On the last day of camp a camper told me ‘I don’t have friends at school, but now I do’

and when his mother came to camp to hug me and thank me. She said I was the reason her son was always smiling now – that’s when I knew I had made a difference.

Eric, Group Counselor
2nd year staff member

Working at Roughing It, I learned that kids, no matter what they do, aim to please.

Darryl, Group Counselor
1st year staff member

Camp is a great chance for campers to learn to be really independent.

When I see them having a good time, that really warms my heart to know that I’m actually making a difference.

Sam, Unit Leader
3 Years at Roughing It

The biggest take away that campers get from Roughing It is that they’re asked to challenge themselves in ways that don’t happen in a more structured school environment.

The biggest benefit is that we learn the importance of being an individual within a group. To be a group here, you have to be able to work together and to go through problems together. We ask campers to be creative, we ask them to be kind and above all, we ask them to think

Charlie, 2nd Grade Boys Counselor
3 Years at Roughing It

I really love camp because the campers get a chance to learn with each other and grow as a group.

Morgan, Kayaking Counselor
1 Year at Roughing It

A summer at Roughing It means having a lot of fun every single day.

You’re coming out to camp and you’re running around and you’re interacting with friends and most of all making these memories that are going to last a lifetime. You’re working together with different campers and you’re all coming together to do something that’s fun and exciting and outdoors.

Natalie, Unit Leader
2 Years at Roughing It

Be Part of a Wonderful Camp Community

Ann & Hobie Woods founded Roughing It in 1972. Back then, there was one bus, five fishing poles, and 17 campers. Although much has changed since then, their goal in starting camp remains the same to this day: to help children grow up to lead happy and meaningful lives. 

Every year, staff are the key to reaching this goal. They establish our wonderful camp community and are the role models that instill values of cooperation, friendship, and perseverance.  Activities focus on skill development and team work.

Roughing It Owners Woods - Summer Camp

Camp Directors Amy, Ann & Hobie Woods