Pay and Benefits

Roughing It prides itself on being one of the highest paying summer camps in the country. Most summer staff have a fixed weekly salary and are eligible to receive complete season and performance bonuses. Returning staff can expect higher salaries and a substantial increase in their performance bonus.


Most summer staff receive a weekly salary.  Salaries are based on job requirements, prior experience, responsibilities, and hours specific to that job. Salaries and hours are listed along with job descriptions on the summer positions page.

Complete Season Bonus

Staff who work the whole summer and fulfill all job commitments are eligible to receive a complete season bonus. First-year staff normally receive a $100 complete season bonus, and returning staff up to $250.

Support staff and part-time employees are not eligible.

Performance Bonus

Staff who show consistent, exemplary performance are eligible to receive a performance bonus. The performance bonus is $100-500 for first-year staff and up to $1000 for returning staff. It is given at the discretion of the camp directors.

Support staff and part-time employees are not eligible. Staff who do not work the whole summer or fulfill all job commitments may not be eligible to receive performance bonuses.