Housing and Transportation

Summer Camp Staff Housing Options

Since Roughing It is a day camp, both campers and staff return to their own homes each night. Staff often live with their family, but may choose to locate apartments/rooms to rent for the summer months. Staff are responsible for having their own transportation to get them to the camp site they work at, with some accommodations available for staff who live in San Francisco.

Housing Options in the Bay Area

Housing in the Bay Area tends to be on the expensive side, but there are several options for short stay housing needs. Communities nearest Roughing It are Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco.

Berkeley is about 15-25 minutes from camp, and seems to have the largest number of affordable summer housing options available due to proximity to the UC Berkeley campus. Rental costs vary. Beware of less expensive options you may discover on your own, as these “better deals” are sometimes misleading. Take the time to understand all rental agreements and costs.


Site Locations and public transportation:

  • Winter/Spring Office. Roughing It’s main office is located in Lafayette and a 5 minute walk from Lafayette BART. 
  • Summer Office & Training. During the summer months, our office is relocated to a facility close to the Lafayette Reservoir, about a 20 minute walk from Lafayette BART. All staff meet here during staff training week, and some group counselors and reservoir staff will meet here normally during the summer.
  • Waterfront Staff. Our main camp program takes place at the Lafayette Reservoir, a 30 minute walk from Lafayette BART. 
  • Riding Staff. Our riding program is located at a private site in Moraga, inaccessible with public transportation. 
  • Swim Staff. Our swim site is located along a County Connection Route #6, providing access from BART.

Carpooling. Staff who start their day at the same camp site and who live in the same area sometimes carpool to save gas. However, all staff should be able to get to camp with their own vehicle or public transportation, if carpooling is not available. Day Camp riding and swim staff will need to travel between the main office and Lafayette Reservoir one or more times each day, and often carpool.

Transportation for Roughing It Bus Captains. Group counselors may be assigned a bus captain role and have a bus route they do during the week. Our bus routes serve San Francisco, Berkeley/Oakland, Lamorinda, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and the Tri-Valley area. Bus captains meet the bus at its first stop. We assign routes to bus captains based on where group counselors live, to minimize commute time. Often this has substantial commute savings, however we cannot guarantee a bus route for all group counselors or that it is the closest route to their home. Occasionally staff may be assigned bus routes that are further away, if no other staff member lives closer to that route. 

San Francisco Staff Transportation. Staff who live in San Francisco are normally assign a bus captain role on a San Francisco bus, so that they do not need to worry about transportation out of the city. However, staff usually need to take MUNI to meet the bus at its first stop. 

Staff Training. Roughing It buses are not in service during staff training week, so all staff and junior counselors will need to have transportation to and from our training site that week. Our training site is located near the Lafayette Reservoir, a 20 minute walk from Lafayette BART.