Staff Selection and Screening

Staff Selection and Screening

Roughing It spends a great deal of time and effort to select the best staff for our camp.

 We view our staff as both role models and representatives of the Roughing It community. All staff are an extension of our high standards and commitment to excellence. The many steps that staff applicants go through as part of our hiring process ensures that each fits well with our camp and that their work here will be beneficial for them, our campers, and the Roughing It organization.

Roughing It Staff Selection Process

  1. Applicant submits Job Inquiry or resume
  2. Applicant completes staff application
  3. Roughing It checks applicant’s four references
  4. Applicant completes additional job-specific application(s)
  5. Applicant interviews with personnel recruiter
  6. Applicant has personal, face-to-face interview with Amy Woods, Camp Director

Roughing It Staff Screening Process

  1. Background investigation complete
  2. Complete staff orientation prior to start of staff training
  3. Complete all staff certifications prior to start of camp
  4. Submit to random drug and alcohol testing

Staff Character

Character really does count at Roughing It as staff dress, behavior and attitudes influence campers more than anything else. Detailed information on appropriate staff language, behavior and dress are contained in Roughing It’s Personnel Policies and Roughing It’s Dress Code. Every staff member reads and agrees to these policies before they submit an application.

Staff Commitment

Our staff understand that working at Roughing It is a serious commitment. Our camp is “child focused” and the job is as demanding as it is rewarding. All staff agree to the following in their work agreement:

  • Agree to work the full camp season (view dates)
  • Agree to uphold the Roughing It rules and their own group’s Code of Living
  • Agree to abide by all laws and regulations of the State of California in regards including appropriate behavior with children and accept the responsibility to report any suspected child abuse by signing the mandated child abuse reporter form.
  • Agree to follow Roughing It’s Supervision Policies with campers which both monitors day to day relationships with campers and forbids any relationships outside on camp with out specific approval of the directors.
  • Agree to Extensive and Close Staff Supervision in which staff receive ongoing training and evaluations on their job perform.
  • Agree to be partners with parents and to communicate with them according to our guidelines.

Evaluation & Feedback

Roughing It provides ongoing evaluations and training for all staff on their job performance. Our goal is for staff to continue to grow in their counseling and leadership during the summer by receiving feedback both formal and informal on their progress and job performance. The written evaluations they receive become part of their personnel files. They are encouraged to also give administrators vital feedback and suggestions.

Roughing It also depends on communication and feedback with parents:

  • Parent input is sought and encouraged during each session
  • Group Counselors make phone calls to parents during the first week of the new session
  • Counselors and administrators contact parents in a pro-active manner
  • Parents are encouraged to contact us at any time us via phone or email to give us their input.
  • Every camper and parent receives a Camp Survey at the end of the camp session to complete and return to us to give us their evaluation of their camp experience.

A Commitment to Excellence

We are proud to have such comprehensive employment screening and staffing procedures. This is a major reason why our camp parents tell us that Roughing It staff are truly superior. We want parents to both understand how completely we screen our staff and how much more extensive a job we do in our selection, training and supervision than other camps and youth organizations.