Summer 2021 Staff COVID Guidelines

Commitment to Safety


Roughing It Day Camp has been providing safe outdoor experiences for children since 1972. For the 48 years we have been running our programs, safety has always been our top priority as our excellent safety record demonstrates. We are committed to making Roughing It Day Camp the safest program possible. We will continue to evaluate current health conditions, work with state and local officials, and will make modifications to our program as needed.


An Even Safer Camp Environment

Roughing It Day Camp will follow all safety guidelines as defined by the state, county, and EBMUD Lafayette Reservoir. We will continue to evaluate current health conditions, work with local officials and will make modifications to our program as needed.

Safety Protocols for 2021 Camp Programs: 

  • All Outdoors
  • Small Groups / Stable Cohorts that Stay Together Everyday
  • Face Coverings & Physical Distancing
  • Teach & Reinforce Handwashing
  • Modified Camp Program & Camp Activities
  • Increased Staff Training
  • Daily Screening & Temp Checks of All Staff & Campers
  • Limited Sharing of Equipment & Supplies
  • Clean & Disinfect Regularly

Community Safety


In order to keep everyone in our camp community as safe as possible, we ask that all campers, staff, and camp families follow CDC and Contra Costa County health and safety guidelines before and during sessions at Roughing It Day Camp. This includes requirements for travel, physical distancing, and quarantining as determined needed.

The very nature of personal interactions that take place at camp contain risks for spreading and contracting diseases and infections such as COVID-19. We will use our best efforts to keep our staff and campers safe from all illnesses, including the COVID-19 virus, while at camp.

Camp Health & Safety Procedures


Due to the nature of camp and close contact within a camp community, we have implemented new Health & Safety procedures to minimize exposure and mitigate risks as best we can while at camp. We require all campers, staff, and camp families to adhere to all safety procedures including but not limited to these mentioned for the safety of everyone at camp.

Additional Covid Safety Procedures for Staff


Staff members will need to complete additional Covid Training before starting work. Also, like campers, staff will complete Daily Health Screenings before starting work during the summer.

Daily Responsibilities as a Staff Member


Staff members will be supervising campers during the camp day as well as before/after camp in Extended Care and/or on the camp bus. Staff will assist with camp set up and clean up as well as assist in the daily cleaning & sanitizing of equipment before and after each activity. Staff run the daily camper health screenings and will need to perform basic first aid if needed. Counselors will be responsible for teaching all camp activities to their camper group as well as planning and leading all group activities for their camper group.

Masks & Face Coverings


All staff, bus drivers/personnel, and campers will wear face masks/face coverings at all times while at camp except when eating, drinking, or swimming.

Examples of recommended (acceptable) face coverings can be found from the CDC: Your Guide To Masks

COVID-19 Vaccines

We encourage and highly recommend all staff members to get vaccinated to protect themselves and everyone in our community. Staff members that are vaccinated will also not need to quarantine if exposed or choose to travel outside the Bay Area region.

With the type of interactive environment that comes with a summer camp such as Roughing It Day Camp being vaccinated prior to the camp season is safest for those around you, and the camp community as a whole. 

See more at the CDC for guidance on those who are fully vaccinated 

* Staff that are not able to get vaccinated will need to take extra precautions to keep campers and staff safe by limiting their exposure both in and outside the camp community by following CDC and county guidelines for unvaccinated individuals.*

COVID-19 Testing

We will continue to evaluate the availability of testing options for COVID-19. We may consider making a recent negative COVID test a condition of participation. If an unvaccinated staff member gets exposed to COVID-19 either at camp or in the community, negative COVID test(s) will be required to come back to camp. See section below: “When Staff Get Sick.”

Hand Washing & Sanitization

Staff and campers will wash hands and use hand sanitizer frequently throughout the day while at camp. Hand sanitizer will contain 60% or more alcohol as recommended by the CDC to kill Covid-19.  Staff and campers will sanitize/wash hands upon arrival at camp as well as before and after activities, eating, and after using the restroom. Any shared camp equipment and supplies will be cleaned and sanitized after each camper group and daily before/after camp. Staff will be responsible for helping clean and sanitize after camp activities.

Daily Temperature Checks & Screening

Daily temperature checks and screening questions will be required for each staff member and camper every day before coming to camp or stepping on the bus. There will be an online Health Screen to complete every day before coming to work.

Camp Activities

Roughing it Day Camp is known for our outdoor programs where children build life skills, great friendships, and have fun! Our team has worked hard to keep camp programs looking and feeling the same with modifications, as needed, to make camp the safest place possible. We will continue to evaluate health and safety guidelines and will make modifications to our programs as needed and will cancel activities if necessary.   

Stable Camper Groups (Cohorts)

Campers will be assigned to stable (cohort) camper groups of no more than 14 similar-aged campers with one or two dedicated adult counselors. This group of campers and staff stay together all day, every day, for the duration of the camp session. Camper groups will follow their own schedule of camp activities specific to their stable camper group. Campers and staff will not be able to do activities/interact with others not in their group. No multi-group activities will be allowed at camp this summer in order to limit exposure and keep campers and staff safe.

Staff Cohorts

Counselors and program staff will work in cohorts at camp this summer. Staff will be assigned a cohort during staff training based on their program area and these will remain consistent for the camp session. Staff will follow masks and physical distance guidance while in their cohort.

Physical Distancing

Stable groups will maintain physical distance from other groups and people outside their cohort group at all times. Campers within a cohort group will be encouraged to keep hands to themselves and will be spaced with appropriate physical distance, whenever possible, while at camp and during activities. However, campers may not be 6’ apart at all times within their cohort group. Program instructors keep physical distance guidelines in place while providing instruction to camper groups.

Bus Transportation

We will offer limited bus transportation to/from camp from central locations (SF, East Bay, Lamorinda, Tri-Valley.) We will enforce physical distancing on the bus by having one camper per bench; siblings may sit together. Masks are required to be worn at all times by bus drivers, staff, and campers. The windows will be down to give adequate air-flow. Buses will be cleaned/sanitized daily and more frequently, as necessary.

Extended Care / Camp Plus

Roughing It is running a modified extended care program for Summer 2021. There is no CampPlus bus transportation for 2021. The before camp will run between 8:00-8:45 am and after camp from 3:15-4:00 pm. Staff will assist with the extended care program. This includes checking campers in and out, leading small group activities, camp set up/clean up and more.

See more information on our Extended Care program

Camp Visitors

Roughing It will not be allowing parents, family members, or visitors/friends at camp. For Summer 2021, Roughing It will not be hosting family visiting days such as Parents Closing Circle.

When Staff Get Sick

Staff members are expected to monitor themselves for symptoms of and exposure to COVID-19 for 14 days prior to the start of camp and throughout their session(s) at Roughing It.

If a staff member begins exhibiting symptoms after arriving at camp, the individual will be separated from others in an isolation area, and arrangements made for the individual to go home immediately.

If a Staff member exhibits COVID-19 symptoms (away from camp), the camp office should be contacted immediately and the staff member should not come to Camp, then should arrange to be tested for COVID, and follow procedures below.

Staff who test positive for COVID-19 may return to camp when:

  • It has been at least 10 days since the first onset of symptoms (and)
  • Fever-free for at least 24 hours without fever-reducing medication (and)
  • 24 hours since all symptoms have improved (and)
  • A negative COVID-19 test


  • Improvement in symptoms (and)
  • Resolution of fever without fever-reducing medication (and)
  • Two negative COVID-19 tests, more than 24 hours apart 

(Unvaccinated) Staff who have been exposed to COVID-19 should:

Our Campers will follow very similar guidelines – See COVID-19 Guidelines

During Work/Camp:
CDC Guidelines for Vaccinated People (Staff)

The CDC Recommends all Vaccinated Individuals Continue Covid Precautions 

It is recommended that individuals still practice the Covid precautions/measures after receiving the vaccine. This includes but is not limited to 

  • Maintaining 6 feet of physical distance 
  • Wearing a face covering (mask), and
  • Washing hands frequently. 

This will offer the best protection from getting or spreading the disease. It takes about 2 weeks for the body to develop a defense to the virus after getting the vaccine, so vaccinated individuals would still be vulnerable to infection during that time. 

It is currently unknown if those who are vaccinated can spread the virus. Until it is known one way or the other the practices and measures must be continued by everyone.

CDC Guidelines for Vaccinated People (Staff)

Based on CDC Guidelines for Vaccinated People: Staff (People) who are vaccinated are able to (generally)

  • Refrain from quarantine and testing following a known exposure if asymptomatic
  • Visit with other fully vaccinated people indoors without wearing masks or physical distancing
  • Visit with unvaccinated people from a single household who are at low risk for severe COVID-19 disease indoors without wearing masks or physical distancing

Exposures at Camp

Roughing It Day Camp will maintain the confidentiality of all reported positive COVID-19 tests.

  • Positive cases will be reported in accordance with county requirements and, if necessary, follow up will be done at the direction of county representatives.
  • Camp families and staff who may have been exposed will be notified immediately
  • All facilities that the individual came in contact with will be cleaned and disinfected per county recommendations
  • Roughing It will determine if further isolation and/or quarantine of campers/staff is needed based on county guidelines.

Our Regulatory Agencies

Roughing It Day Camp follows the most current federal, state, and county guidelines with regards to best practices for preventing, identifying, and managing COVID-19. We partner with the following agencies and adhere to their requirements and protocols in full.

California Department of Public Health Guidelines

Contra Costa County Health Department

Roughing It Day Camp is proud to be accredited by the American Camp Association. Our current procedures have been developed in accordance with ACA’s detailed Field Guide for Camps on Implementation of CDC Guidance, prepared by Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc. 

Camp Closure

In the event that Roughing It Day Camp has to close a camper group or part of a session due to a positive case/exposure at camp, staff (not vaccinated) will be asked to quarantine if determined that they were exposed.

*Note: In past years, we had plans in place for running camp if there is rain, smoke, heat, public safety power shut offs (PSPS) and other severe weather or situations that involve relocating or using indoor facilities which we are not able to utilize this summer for safety reasons due to Covid.

Acknowledgment of Risk

We will do everything in our power to control what we can, but even with procedures and protocols in place and being tightly followed, we cannot control every risk. The very nature of personal interactions that take place at camp contain risks for spreading and contracting diseases and infections such as COVID-19. We will use our best efforts to keep our staff and campers safe from all illnesses, including the COVID-19 virus, while at camp. However, we want to make clear that we cannot promise or guarantee that this or any other pathogen will not enter our camp. We want you to be fully aware of this risk this summer and that you are willing to assume and accept this risk while working at Roughing It this summer.


We will continue to evaluate health and safety guidelines and will make modifications to our camp programs as needed and cancel activities if necessary. 

As conditions in our community continue to evolve so will our planning and response. We will continue to update our staff and post additional safety information on our website.

Additional Questions

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us! We are happy to discuss our safety policies and procedures for Summer 2021 and answer your questions to help determine if camp is a good fit for you this summer.

Thank you for working with us to make camp the safest possible experience for our staff, campers, and our camp community this summer.