36 bus stops in East Bay, San Francisco, Contra Costa, and Tri Valley. Home pick up in select areas. Professional drivers and adult counselors on every bus.

Roughing It camper's board the bus and head home

Riding the Camp Bus is Safe & Fun!

At Roughing It, camp starts as soon as the campers step onto the bus.  Our camp buses are driven by professional drivers, with a counselor on board to supervise and lead activities for campers. All campers have a bus buddy with counselors and older campers helping younger ones.

Home Pick-up Areas

Home pick-up is available for our 4, and 8 Week Day Camp program in select areas of Lamorinda, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Piedmont, Rockridge, and Central Berkeley.

Send us a request and we’ll see if we can pick up at your house!

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Central Transportation Stops

Central pick-up is available for all of our camps. Transportation locations are subject to availability and are on a first come, first serve basis.

Locations marked CP are also available for CampPlus After Care Drop Off.

Lamorinda & Contra Costa County

  • Lafayette: Bentley School
  • Lafayette: Lafayette Elementary CP
  • Lafayette: Acalanes High School
  • Martinez: Hidden Lakes Park
  • Moraga: Moraga McCaulous
  • Orinda: Del Rey Elementary
  • Orinda: Glorietta Elementary
  • Orinda: Rite Aid CP
  • Pleasant Hill: Walgreens
  • Walnut Creek: Heather Farms Park
  • Walnut Creek: Downtown CVS CP

San Francisco

  • Haight-Ashbury: Clayton & Parnassus
  • Hayes Valley: French American Intl. School (Hickory St) CP
  • Lake Street: Lake & Funston
  • Noe Valley: Douglas Playground
  • Pacific Heights: Alta Plaza Park CP
  • St. Francis Wood: San Anselmo Fountain

East Bay

  • Alameda: Park Street Landing
  • Berkeley: Arlington & Mendocino
  • Berkeley: Cedar Rose Park
  • Berkeley: Claremont & Woolsey CP
  • Kensington: Kensington Library
  • Oakland: Broadway Terrace
  • Oakland: Crocker Highlands
  • Oakland: Montclair Tennis Courts CP
  • Oakland: Redwood Recreation Center
  • Piedmont: Havens School

Tri Valley

  • Alamo: Stone Valley CVS CP
  • Danville: Black Bear Diner CP
  • Danville: Blackhawk CVS
  • Pleasanton: Stoneridge Park & Ride
  • Pleasanton: Valley Plaza
  • San Ramon: Bollinger CVS
  • San Ramon: Bollinger Safeway
  • San Ramon: Crow Canyon Commons

Bus Safety & Professional Drivers

All Roughing It buses are driven by professional & experienced bus drivers from First Student School Bus Company. They have year-round experience driving buses for schools. All bus drivers are licensed to drive school buses. Our bus drivers come back year after year to Roughing It.

A Roughing It camp counselor is on every bus to provide supervision, and to make the bus safe and fun for the campers.  Younger campers are assigned older camper bus buddies by the bus counselor to ensure special care is given to our littlest campers. Each bus counselor is in direct communication with our office at all times by phone.

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Bus Spirit

All campers are part of a bus group and participate in “bus spirit” where they come up with original songs, skits to perform at Opening Circle.  Bus Spirit PomPoms are given out to the most deserving bus groups every Friday, and bus groups compete for the prized Golden PomPom.

Bus Pick Up and Drop off Times

The morning pick up time is usually between 8:00 – 8:50 am.  The afternoon drop off time is usually between 3:10-4:00 pm. These are set based on location. We will send times the week before your camp session and you can contact our office for an estimated time. Extended care options are available.

Extended Care (Camp Plus) Transportation

Parents who need earlier drop off can sign up for Breakfast Club, our before-care program in Lafayette, beginning at 7:00 am. For later drop off (5:00-6:30pm), sign up for after-care CampPlus, with drop off locations marked CP. CampPlus is flexible: sign up for the days and bus stops you need.

Authorized Release of a Camper

Roughing It will only release a camper to parents/guardians or an emergency contact that is listed on file as an authorized release. Please add any babysitters, relatives, and other camp families that are part of a carpool to your authorized release list on your online account.

Unsupervised Drop Off

If your camper is age 8 or older, you can specify on your camper application if you wish to allow them to be dropped off at their bus stop without an authorized adult present.

One Bus Stop per Session

In order to safely and efficiently manage our bus service, all campers need to use the same bus stop for their full session; we are unable to accommodate day-to-day changes to a camper’s designated bus stop. Our extended care program, CampPlus,does provides day-to-day flexibility with changes to schedule and drop offs. Campers may also pick up their camper at the Reservoir; please call in advance to schedule.

Bus Groups

Several buses may service the same city and neighborhood, so we can’t guarantee that friends at different stops will be on the same bus.

Additional Bus Information and Policies

Car Seats and Very Young Campers

Roughing It does not use car or booster seats on our buses for small children. Due to the extra federal safety standards that school buses must meet, our school buses are very safe for transporting small children. Our type of bus requires a car seat only if a child is under 25 pounds. At this time, we are unable to accommodate transporting of children under this weight. Visit the transportation safety section of our website for more details about the safety of school buses.

Communication about the Daily Bus Route

Every bus has a Roughing It Bus Captain who carries a phone in order to be in constant communication with our Transportation Coordinator and Office regarding any changes in times or an emergency situation on the Bus.

In the event a bus is running more than 10 minutes late, we will reach you by email or phone. In an emergency, we will contact you by phone immediately. Please understand that we may be delayed in reaching you if there is a major traffic delay affecting more than one of our bus routes. You can call our office at 925-283-3795 at any time to get the status of your bus.

What Happens if a Parent is Late to the Bus?

The bus cannot usually wait past the drop off time for an authorized adult who is late to the bus stop, as there are other stops further down the bus route and the bus has a schedule to keep.  If you are running late, contact the office as early as possible so we can determine where the bus is and where you should go to pick up your child.  If the bus heads to the next stop with your child and we have not heard from you, we will attempt to call you and give you directions to the next stop. We will NEVER leave your camper unattended at a bus stop unless we have received prior written permission from you authorizing unsupervised drop off at that designated stop.

Parents who are unable to pick up their camper by the time the bus route is over may be charged a late fee of $2.00/minute up to five minutes. If the parent is still unable to pick up the camper after five minutes, Roughing It will transport the camper to CampPlus. The fee for the “wait” transportation time and the CampPlus activity will be charged to the parent. If a child is taken to CampPlus, we must speak with a parent to confirm the camper’s CampPlus bus stop and drop-off time.

Missing the Morning Bus

The Bus will not wait at a bus stop after the official bus time. At home pick ups, Bus Counselor will ring the front door and leave if no one comes. If you barely miss the bus, call our office at 925-283-3795 and we will direct you to the next stop. If you can’t catch the bus, call us and drive your camper to the far left side of the Lafayette Reservoir. Either leave your camper with a counselor or walk them up to Opening Circle; please do not drop off your camper at the reservoir unattended.

Safety Guidelines for Parents & Campers

  • Parents need to supervise their campers at the bus stop unless the camper has permission for an unsupervised drop-off on file at Roughing It. If you need to authorize your camper for an unsupervised drop-off, please contact our office.
  • Campers with unsupervised drop-off must behave in a controlled and considerate manner and must follow the direction of parents waiting with other campers.
  • Campers with unsupervised drop off who misbehave or who do not follow the direction of parents will lose their unsupervised drop-off privilege.
  • Campers may not play games in the street, driveways, or on the sidewalk.
  • Campers and parents must respect private property and be considerate of their neighbors and the public at the bus stop.

Bus Rules

  • Sit facing the front with your feet on the ground.
  • Wear a seat belt at all times.
  • Keep your hands to yourself and be respectful to others.
  • Use considerate language.
  • Be an enthusiastic and active participant.
  • Use low voices in the bus.
  • Follow the staff instructions.
  • No eating/drinking on the bus.
  • Sharp objects, like pencils, are not appropriate to have out on the bus.
  • Music devices are not allowed at camp.
  • Failure to follow the bus rules could result in the camper losing the privilege to ride the bus.
  • Lock your seat belt buckles together after you get up from your seat to exit.

Transportation FAQ