Lafayette Reservoir

Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

Parents who will be dropping off and picking up their camper at the Lafayette Reservoir every day should read through the following information to ensure a safe and smooth experience.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Times

Morning Drop Off: 8:00 – 8:40am

Afternoon Pick Up: 3:10 – 4:00pm

Timeliness: We appreciate parents being timely and following our scheduled times for pick up and drop off for their camper daily. We are not able to accommodate campers arriving or leaving outside of the scheduled times. This is to avoid overlapping with our large buses that drop off in the same area and to ensure there are staff available in the parking lot to check in your camper.

Check-In / Check-Out Procedures

Parents park and accompany their children to and from the check-in/check-out station each day:

  • Parents remain with their camper until they have passed the health screening.
  • When picking up, parents park and meet their camper at the check-out station.

The check-in/check-out station is located at the far south section of the parking lot, by the large exit sign. The station is next to the path that leads up the hill to camp. You should see staff in Roughing It gold shirts ready to greet you. The station will only be set up during the scheduled drop off and pick up times.

Safety Procedures

Please park and keep your children with you at all times while in the parking lot. The parking lot can get busy and be unsafe for children without an accompanying adult. Please use sidewalks and crosswalks and yield the right of way to cars and buses.

Six large 66-passenger buses may be entering and exiting the parking lot when you arrive. To keep things as safe as possible, bus drop off and pick up times are arranged to not overlap with parents dropping off and picking up campers.

Be considerate and yield the right of way to park patrons who are walking or driving in the parking lot. The Lafayette Reservoir is a popular and busy place. We do not want to deter from their enjoyment at being at the Reservoir.

We appreciate parents being careful to:

  • Follow the 15mph speed limit at all times
  • Park in parking spaces only and avoid blocking other cars
  • Give the right of way to pedestrians walking in the parking lot

Parking at the Lafayette Reservoir

There is a fee to park at the Lafayette Reservoir. Available options:

  • Meter Parking: Turn left at the top of the hill for metered parking. Park near the end of the road toward the exit before it heads downhill. Meters accept cash or credit card.
  • Day Pass: Turn left at top of the hill and follow the entry road to SHORT TERM parking. Pay at the Kiosk and go through the open gate to enter the park. Turn left and park at the far end by the exit. Short-term parking is $7.00 per entry.
  • Annual Pass: Pre-purchase from the Lafayette Reservoir at the Ranger Station. The pass is good to use at Reservoir for one year. At the top of the hill, enter at the first gate. Same parking as Day Pass.