Making Camp an Investment in Your Child

Todd Kestin recently wrote in the Huffington Post encouraging parents to approachdescribe the image summer camp planning in a new way. He advocated that camp be considered as being an equal part of the great investment equation that parents make when thinking about matters most in their child’s future. Investment in a great summer camp should act as a compliment to the remaining 10 months of the year that children spend at school and provide a balance. The summer break is still 1/6th of the year after all.

He is passionate about the benefits camp can have in a child’s life, “..if kids spent their summers in camp, they’d be better prepared for later decisions like whether to go to college, and how to make the best life for who they are.”

Todd’s view is that “saving funds for college is important, but saving for camp each year can really change a life…The new school year is beginning. You have nine months to save for next year’s camp. Make it happen for your child’s future success.”

Making the Saving

Most parents would agree that spending time meeting new people, gaining new experiences,ridehighfive resized 600 discovering new skills and fostering their growing independence is a great way for their child to truly develop and discover something about themselves that they did not yet know. Planning ahead by parents now to make camp a central part of their child’s lives each summer is enriching for their child throughout their life in both experience and the memories it creates. Budget savvy parents opt to make the best savings on camp by planning now, committing early and often spreading their camp costs throughout the year.

Why not consider starting your summer plan early this year? Break out the calendar, make your plans now, save now and stress later. After all, there are only eight months until camp starts again!