Welcome to the HobieCamp Blog – Summer Camp Magic

Hi! This is Hobie and welcome to my blog.  Fifty summers ago, I worked my first summer as a camp counselor at Kennolyn Camp in Soquel, California. It was definitely a life changing experience.  I was deeply touched by the power of camp to make positive impacts on both children and staff.  I found my life’s work and have been truly blessed to have spent all these years living the summer camp dream.  

Oh yeah, I also met my wife Ann which was also pretty life changing.  Most of you know that she is the real power behind Roughing It.  While it was originally my idea, it was Ann who actually made Roughing It happen. I am so glad that she took my idea and made it real.  

Along the way, these past fifty summers, I have learned a few things.  I hope to share some of these ideas with you in this blog as we move forward.  I hope these ideas may be of some help to our staff, campers, camp families and other camp professionals.  Most of these ideas are not original.  They have been shared with me by my campers, camp families, friends, family and other camp professionals.  I want to write them down so that they will not be lost and can be shared and discussed.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.  If you do not agree with me, that’s alright.  Those of you who know me well, know that I LOVE a good discussion.

Thanks for reading and thanks for being here for me.


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