What is a traditional camp?

I am always very proud when Roughing It Day Camp is listed in a directory or an article on camp as a traditional camp.  I went to a great traditional camp as a child, worked at two traditional camps, met my wife at a traditional camp, sent my children to several traditional camps and then […]

The Founding of Roughing It Day Camp

I am often asked how we came up with the idea of Roughing It, so let me take a few minutes to share with you my remembrance as to how it all happened. It’s been a great ride and I have been blessed to have been able to learn from so many great mentors, so […]

Roughing It Day Camp – The Other Half of Your Child’s Education

Folks ask me, “Why have I dedicated most of my life’s energy to camp in general and Roughing It in particular?”. Simple answer: I believe that we make very real and important differences in the lives of campers, parents and the staff we work with throughout the years. 

Getting to Know Roughing It Day Camp – Opportunities to Learn More

Parents always mention that they have a challenging time figuring out how to get to really know a camp before they enroll their child. I know that this can seem daunting. I share below some of my thoughts on how parents might best learn about all Roughing It Day Camp has to offer their child. […]

Why Is Roughing It Day Camp SO Expensive?

One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive every year is: why is Roughing It Day Camp and other great day camps SO expensive.  There are many reasons for the high cost of quality camps but mostly it revolves around our strong desire to provide the very best and very safest camp experience […]

Welcome to the HobieCamp Blog – Summer Camp Magic

Hi! This is Hobie and welcome to my blog.  Fifty summers ago, I worked my first summer as a camp counselor at Kennolyn Camp in Soquel, California. It was definitely a life changing experience.  I was deeply touched by the power of camp to make positive impacts on both children and staff.  I found my life’s […]

Summer Day Camp – A Time to be Outdoors

Question: Would you rather that your child spend the summer sitting at a desk in a classroom or would it be better for them to spend some time this summer outside learning about the world around them and their place in that world?