Gratitude Practices For Families

As we head into the busy holiday season, it’s a perfect time to pause and think about what we are truly grateful for this year, and to share with each other our thanks for the small and large blessings that are so abundant all around us. Thanksgiving is a perfect time for our families to start the practice of a holiday tradition focused on the importance of being grateful.

Our camp director friend, Audrey Monke, from Sunshine Parenting has put together a great list of 5 Gratitude Practices families can do together to cultivate gratitude with our children all year long.

Summer camp is a great place for children to learn and practice gratitude year-round. At our camp, Roughing It our counselors take time for gratitude and reflection each day with their camper groups. Here campers are encouraged to focus on finding things they appreciate and share this with others. This leads to a positive environment where everyone feels grateful, appreciated and connected. Our goal is for children to develop these skills at camp and use them throughout the year in their lives. Practicing gratitude daily helps children and adults be happier and healthier! Read more in Gratitude Beyond Thanksgiving

Here’s a fun activity we developed for our campers. Gus, the camp dog, also has a fun gratitude activity that he likes to do. It’s called G.L.A.D, and you can share something you’re grateful for every day, just like Gus.

Let us know how you practice gratitude or if one of Audrey Monke’s ideas worked for your family!

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