5 Important Questions to Ask Camp Directors

campers and counselors getting ready to get in boats on the water in the lafayette reservoir at roughing it day camp

Summer is still a few months off but the warmer spring days are beginning to beckon us outdoors to enjoy and appreciate the amazing nature burgeoning around us! While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind right now, many of us are beginning to think about (and plan) how we are going to fill our kids’ summer break with entertaining and engaging activities. Camps are an amazing way to fill their days with adventure and excitement but with so many to choose from, how does one choose the perfect summer camp?  Many camps begin registering during the spring so it’s the perfect time to start looking at what different camps offer. One of the best ways to really see how a camp is run, who’s in charge, what activities your kids will be doing and what a day at camp might look like is to visit it. It is important to visit the site, meet the directors, and ask questions and a good camp will offer Camp Tours or host Open Houses where this can happen. Take the time to participate in the activities and ask some questions. Here are a few questions that you can ask to help you get a sense of the camp and whether or not it’s right for you!! 

  • What is the Philosophy of the Camp? –  Do they hold the values you look for in a camp? Are they a good fit for you and your family? 
  • Who will be Supervising your children at Camp?  – How old are the staff, are they adults or high school students?  Are staff always with the children or are there times kids are on their own?  What is the staff to camper supervision ratio?  You can check the camp’s web sites employment section  to learn more about their staff qualifications.
  • What are the Camp’s Safety Policies and Procedures?–  Review the rules and safety policies.  Do their staff have safety qualifications? What is their plan of action should a child have an accident while at camp? Would you feel comfortable leaving your child in their care?
  • Is the Camp accredited by the American Camp Association?  The American Camp Association accredits summer camps nationally, and this assures parents that the Camp is meeting the standards of the industry.
  • Check Referrals from Friends and Online Reviews– Do you know anyone whose child attends camp? What do they have to say about the camp they attend? What made them choose that camp in particular? Are there any reviews online? What do other campers and camper parents have to say about the camp you are considering?

These questions can help find the camp program that is the best fit for your child and determine the type of program you are interested in for this summer.  We recommend using this as a guide when looking at camps and having a discussion with the camp director  to get a clear idea about how the camp maintains the  physical and emotional safety of campers while keeping it a FUN, positive and happy, growing experience for all campers.  For more tips on finding the right camp, see our How to Choose a Camp Guide  and learn more about what is ACA accreditation.

At Roughing It Day Camp, we are committed to helping parents choose a program that will provide the best summer experience for your child. We appreciate the opportunity to meet and talk with prospective campers about the benefits of summer camp and to share the Roughing It Day Camp experience with you. We invite you to visit us at one of our Camp Tours or Open Houses that happen year round or give us a call and we’ll be happy to speak with you. Good luck with your camp search! 

Tours and Open Houses are really the best opportunity to learn about camp. Read more about how seeing camp in action can provide you the insight you need to know if a camp is right for your child!