Outdoor Explorer’s Holiday Greeting

OE optimized resized 600Greetings, Outdoor Explorers!

I hope your adventures this school year have been exciting. I can’t wait to explore some more of the Lafayette Reservoir next summer. There’s a secret ornament tree that sprouts ornaments this time of year. It’s not on any map, but folks who have seen the tree tell me it’s 2/3 of a mile along the walking path on the East side of the parking lot. I’ve decided to make an adventure and find this secret tree.

Julia is enjoying her time in Santa Barbara and went on a biking expedition in Southern California. Callie is glad to be in sunny California and is enjoying her break from the foggy weather in Scotland. Ryan is having a great time at home with family and friends for the break and has been working on his creative writing skills with his spare time. Next Friday, December 27, we’re meeting at the Reservoir for a Holiday Sing-a-Long. Perhaps I’ll see you there and you can tell me if you’ve found any other Reservoir mysteries!

Happy Holidays,
Jessie, Outdoor Explorers Director