Why the best holiday gift is Summer Camp!

The holiday season is a special time of year. With the gift giving season at hand, we often find ourselves searching for the perfect gift for the children in our lives. There are Ipads and Iphones, Wiis and Xboxes, technology and toys as far as the eye can see. But are you looking for something that lasts long after the holiday decorations are gone and the batteries have died in their new gadget? A gift that your children will never forget? Consider giving your child the gift of summer camp!


A summer at camp is the best holiday gift because it’s an experience that creates memories to last a lifetime. Finding meaningful gifts that provide children with entertainment, excitement, adventure and life long skills can be a challenge. It’s even harder to find a gift that offers them friendships, new life skills, and the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves. Camp is a priceless opportunity that can impact their lives and change them forever.

The American Camp Association article, “Give The Gift Of Camp This Holiday Season”, points out that significant research has proven that children gain interpersonal growth, character development, leadership and social skills when given the chance to attend summer camp. Every child learns something new and amazing. There is opportunity to connect with nature and disconnect from technology. Camp offers a chance to expand learning outside of the classroom and in the outdoors. It’s a place to meet new people and develop lasting friendships. They can try new things in a supportive environment, work as a team and become part of a community.

The benefits of summer camp are endless. So as you endeavor to give the most memorable and amazing gift this holiday season, we hope this inspires you to give the best holiday gift – the gift of summer camp!   

Did you know…..Roughing It Day Camp has gift certificates!! Register for camp and we can provide you with a gift certificate to give to the recipient along with a complimentary camp t-shirt! Additional camp gear can be purchased to complete your Gift of Summer Camp! Early Registration rates apply so enroll today! Call today and let us help you put together the perfect gift! 

Roughing It Day Camp has programs for campers ages 4 – 16, with age-appropriate programs for our youngest campers and leadership opportunities for our teens. Longer sessions, smaller groups and the same counselors gives campers a provide a sense of belonging and community. If you’d like more information about Roughing It’s programs or would like help in putting together the perfect gift, please contact us at camp@roughingit.com and we’ll be happy to help!