What’s going on at Princess Row-a-Boat’s Tower?

Hello Campers!

If you visit the Reservoir this Winter you may see Princess Row-a-Boata’s Tower is under construction. Don’t worry! Princess Row-A-Boata sent me a text message and let me know the Rangers are just doing some retro fitting to keep her tower safe!

campers and counsleors row boating around the lafayette reservoir

Princess Row-A-Boata received a notice from engineers who inspect dams and they determined that her tower needs some extra support to withstand possible earthquakes in the future. The Reservoir dam has passed inspection, just the tower needs to be updated because the Tower is what lets excess water out of the Reservoir into the Lafayette Creek to keep the water level of the Reservoir down.

Capt’n Rough has graciously agreed to help Princess Row-A-Boata get across the water to find a temporary new spot on the Reservoir, high above the water in safe quarters until the Tower is ready. Princess Row-A-Boata is so grateful for a friend like Capt’n Rough to help in times of unexpected change. How’s and Ugh’s to him!!