Upcoming Events for New Families

If you are a new camper family signing up for Roughing It Day Camp or you are already registered for summer 2014 then we have some great events for you! Throughout the year Roughing It offers Camp Shows, Camp Tours, and Open House events for new camper families to get more information about our camp.

These events are a great opportunity for you and your family to meet our Directors and to learn more about Roughing It Day Camp to learn more about Roughing It Day Camp and our 4 and 8 week program. The slideshow lasts approximately 30 minutes, taking you through a typical day of camp and highlighting our philosophy, activity areas and how campers thrive and succeed at Roughing It. Our Open Houses also provide an opportunity to tour our all-outdoor site at the beautiful Lafayette Reservoir. Here is a list of all our upcoming events, hope to see you there! 

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-Saturday February 8, Camp Visit & Camp Show 3pm, Lafayette  
Monday February 17, Camp Visit & Camp Show 3pm, Lafayette
Sunday March 2, Camp Show 3pm, San Francisco
-Sunday March 8, Camp Show 3pm, Oakland/Piedmont 
Saturday Mar 22, Open House 10am, Lafayette Reservoir

Check out all of our events on our website!