New For You

New For You

New Challenges and Fun Every Year

We offer new challenges for each grade level, so campers can continue to grow year after year.

There’s Always Something New to Come Back To at Roughing It!

We offer individualized instruction by age and ability so there’s always something to look forward to.
See the activity grids below for a peek at what’s new for you this summer!

Older Campers

Teen Riding
Jr. High

5th Grade and Up

Swim Clinics & Water Polo

4th Grade & Up

5th-10th Grades

Specialty Clinics
Jr. High – CILT

4th Grade and Up

CILT Program
9th-10th Grades

All Campers

Swim Lessons
All Ages

Riding Lessons
All Ages

All Ages

All Ages

Outdoor Cooking
All Ages

Outdoor Living Skills
All Ages

Environmental Education
All Ages

Arts and Crafts
All Ages

Group Time
All Ages

Choice Activities
All Ages

Younger Campers

Learn to Swim & Swim Lessons
Pre K-4th Grade

Learn to Ride & Riding Lessons
Pre K-4th Grade

Pre K-4th Grade

Animal Care
Pre K-4th Grade

2nd Grade and Up

High Dive
3rd Grade and Up