1st Grade Daily Schedule

1 Grade Girls Pose as a Group with their Flag
1 Grade Boys Pose as a Group

First Grade Campers Sample Schedule

8:50am Arrive at the Lafayette Reservoir
9:00am Opening Circle (announcements, bus spirit-songs, skits etc.) all campers come together to welcome the camp day
9:30am Group Time: Fun Run and Active Games (tree tag, hot potatoe)
9:40am Snack, Bathroom Break, and Group Announcements (go over daily schedule, code of living, get water, apply sunscreen)
10:00am To the Swimming Pool with counselor and group on the Bus (Group songs, games and bus activities)
10:20am Change into Swim Suits, and MORE sunscreen.
10:40am Swim Lessons and Water Readiness (American Red Cross)
11:10am Free Swim and Pool Games with the Swim Staff, Counselors and Junior Counselors
11:20am Change into Camp Clothes and REAPPLY sunscreen.  Bathroom break if needed.
11:40pm To horseback riding site with counselor and group on bus (more group games, songs, and stories)
12:00pm Eat Lunch with group and quiet activities.
12:20pm Horseback Riding Lessons (beginner through advanced) and Horse Readiness
1:00pm Back to Lafayette Reservoir (Go with counselor and group on the bus. More group time of quiet games and activities)
1:10pm Quiet Time (story)
1:30pm Active Games with Group or Imaginary Play (lizard hut building)
1:40pm Activity Period (Fishing, Sports, Rowing, Crafts, Outdoors or Nature depending on the day of the week)
2:00pm Group Time (bug hunt, nature hunt, crafts activity, group games)
2:15pm Daily Wrap-Up (Bathroom break before bus, discuss day, final story)
2:30pm Closing Circle (announcements, songs, skits, games, contests, recognitions etc) entire camp comes together to end the day
3:00pm Depart the Reservoir for home drop off or drop off sites or stay for CampPlus
3:45pm Thank your parents and tell them all about your great day at camp


Note: Schedule varies from day to day and from group to group. All campers participate in each activity at least once each week and all campers participate in swimming 3 times each week and riding once a week. The schedule may also vary to accommodate special events at camp.

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