Teamwork, GRIT & Fun – Real World Skills for Years to Come!

How Roughing It Prepares Kids to Take on the World Team building skills are more important than ever for children today.  Over half of the jobs our campers will do as adults will be working in teams.  Teamwork has always been a key part of the Roughing It Camp experience.  We designed our camp in 1972 […]

Gratitude Beyond Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving upon us, now is the time of year when people start to reflect on everything they are thankful for.  Although this is the season to be grateful for what you have, gratitude is something that is great to practice all year long. Research studies show kids and adults who practice gratitude get these […]

Considering Summer Camp? Take a personal camp tour before you decide.

Unless you’ve attended a particular camp yourself, it’s not easy to know what exactly goes on at the camp that you are considering sending your child to. You can check out their website and read all the information provided but it’s still not like seeing the camp in action. An excellent camp will offer opportunities […]

S’more Camp for 4 Year Old Campers

We dropped in on Cecilio, our grandson, when he was camping with his parents the last weekend of the summer on the Russian River. They were lighting the fire for s’mores. Cecilio said, “Granny Ann, did you know there are three types of campfires? One you start with kindling in the shape of a tepee, […]