Horse of the Session (Session 1):  Aladdin!

Hi campers!  Thank you so much for choosing me as Horse of the Session!  I have been coming to Roughing It since I was one year old, and I’m always so excited to come back every summer.  I have so much fun teaching everyone how to walk, trot, and canter, and I love it when […]

Meet Bambi!

Our newest camp horse is Bambi!  Bambi is a cute little mare who has retired from her job as a polo horse and is looking forward to becoming a camp horse!  She is very calm and gentle, and will be fun for our intermediate and advanced riders.  She is not to be confused with our […]

Meet Sterling!

We have a new camp horse named Sterling!  Sterling is a warmblood, who has retired from his life as a champion show jumper.  He has been used in lessons, and now he’s ready to become a camp horse!  He likes to go nice and slow for the beginners, but jumping is his favorite thing ever, […]

Spending Time Outdoors Makes Kids Smarter:  3 Facts, 1 Conclusion

Every parent wishes for their child to succeed in school and this “success” for many families is heavily influenced by academics first. Doing well in school, getting good grades, enrolling in advanced courses, continually acquiring more knowledge and being “smart” is often top priority for parents and therefore the focus for their children. What if […]

Winter at the Ride Site

All the rain we’ve had this winter has really made the grass grow!  Check out how green the ride site is!  Wouldn’t it be nice if it stayed this green all year?  We recently went to check out the ride site with Larry Knapp, our horse care provider from Lazy K Ranch, and we were […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all! Wishing all our campers, camper parents, alumni and of course all our staff a day full of love and joy! If you didn’t already see our Valentine’s video message be sure to check it out! 

Six Great Ways to Get Ready for Camp

The start of the camp seson is just around the corner! This can be an exciting time for kids and parents. When choosing a camp there is a lot to consider and many ways to educate yourself about camp and prepare your child for the camp they will be attending over the summer. To get […]

Two New Horses!

We’re excited to announce that we’re welcoming two new horses into our herd!  Gus and Dolly are currently still in their home in Acampo, but they are looking forward to meeting the rest of our herd.  Both are chestnut quarter-type horses who are seasoned lesson horses and excellent for riders of all levels.  They’re excited […]

Where in the World the RI staff are Now!

D’Juno What? Our staff attend 60 colleges all around the US and all over the of the world!  We have also have 6 staff studying, living, and working abroad.