Traditional Camp Activities at the Lafayette Reservoir

There are reservoir activities for campers of all ages and skill levels.
Experience rowing, fishing, canoeing, hiking, picnics, and nature! 

Activities at the Lafayette ReservoirArts and Crafts

Crafts projects make the perfect camp memories. Campers of all ages show their creativity and originality by making lanyards, friendship bracelets, bandanas, picture frames, clay, beading, jewelry, and so much more! Many of the crafts are environmentally friendly and utilize natural products. Recyclables are great materials for creative projects like bird feeders and birdhouses. Traditional camp favorites for older campers include woodworking, advanced jewelry making, and clay sculpting. 

Activities at the Lafayette ReservoirNature & Environment

Environment is an activity area designed to help campers appreciate the great outdoors by exploring the Lafayette Reservoir site and the natural wonders found within. Trails, water, trees, and animals make the reservoir a perfect place to learn about the environment. Nature activities include: Bug hunts, bird watching, and nature hikes. The environmental counselor leads groups in a variety of activities to heighten awareness and appreciation of the environment. Campers use their sense of smell, touch, sight, and hearing to identify various species and ecosystems.

Activities at the Lafayette ReservoirHiking – Explore the Outdoors

Explore 900 acres of Lafayette Reservoir wtih a variety of trails for hikers of all levels. Campers of all ages participate in hiking trips with their groups and counselors, learn hiking basics and safety skills.