Interest-Free Payment Plans

Pay equal installments every month through November, 2020.
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Information about payment plans for 2020 coming soon!


Month of RegistrationTotal Number
of Installments*
8-Week Day Camp
4-Week Day Camp
2-Week Day Camp
& Little Raccoons
Horse Day Camp
Outdoor Explorers

*Installments are charged on the 5th of every month through November 5th, 2020.

How To Set Up a Payment Plan

  • Register Online and select monthly installments as your form of payment.
  • First installment – Charged at time of registration
  • Following installments – Charged on the 5th of every following month through November 5th.

Payment Plan Terms and Conditions

Roughing It Payment Plans are interest-free and payments are processed automatically to the credit card on file, on the first business day on or after the 5th of the month. The monthly payment amount is based on cost of tuition divided by the number of installments due through November, rounded to the nearest dollar. If credit card processing fails, we will alert you by email and then phone; login to your account to update your credit card information. A $50 late fee may be applied if full payment is not made by the 10th of the month.

If payment is still past due after the 15th of the month, either your camper’s registration may be cancelled (up to and including dismissal from camp), or the payment plan may be cancelled and the remaining balance due immediately. If you cancel a payment plan and registration, our standard refund policy will apply. Non-tuition purchases (extended care, clothing, etc) are due at time of purchase and are not included in payment plans. Payment plans are subject to the approval of the camp Directors.  request full payment if l