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Ann & Hobie Woods


Ann Hobie Amy Max Woods
The Woods Family: Amy, Katey, Ann, (Max), and Hobie

Founded in 1972, Roughing It is owned and directed by Hobie and Ann Woods, who have combined experience in organized summer camps and youth leadership. Ann and Hobie met as counselors at Kennolyn Camp when they were in college. Their dream of founding and directing their own camp became a reality when they opened Roughing It Day Camp in 1972.  Ann has been an elementary and preschool teacher, camp counselor, camp administrator, riding and swimming instructor. Hobie taught recreation administration at San Francisco State, directed all recreation programs at the Treasure Island Naval Station, was a recreation director for the City of Oakland and has been a camp counselor and administrator.  Their own daughters as well as thousands of children in the Bay Area have grown up through Roughing It.

Dear Parents,

Our career in summer camps began in 1965 when we both took positions as summer camp counselors. This experience turned out to be far more than "just a summer job.” It developed into our life's work. So much has changed in the lives of children since we began, however, the important experiences that children need in order to develop into successful adults remain the same:

  • The need for positive, caring adult role models
  • Opportunities to enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors
  • Shared group experiences that create community
  • Lifelong friendships
  • Growing through new challenges
  • Chances to take safe risks

Roughing It is proud to provide these important experiences to better prepare each of our campers for success in life.

Ann and Hobie Woods
Owners and Directors

Let's Start at the Very Beginning!

Ann and Hobie met as counselors at Kennolyn when they were in college. They worked at Kennolyn for three summers as riding instructors, swim teachers and head counselors. Max and Marion Caldwell, who founded Kennolyn and were directors until they retired at 90 years of age, were Ann and Hobie's inspiration to start Roughing It and have been their life long mentors and friends.

Hobie as counselor of 9 & 10 year olds boys in 1965.When Hobie returned to visit Kennolyn in 1971, his campers were still at Kennolyn, but they were all a head taller than he was.
Ann as a counselor of 11 year old girls in 1967, her last year at Kennolyn. One of the girls in her tent, Laurie, (sitting to right of Ann), looked Ann up a few years ago, and they had a wonderful time reminiscing about the special summer they had together at Kennolyn. Camp memories live on long after camp is over.
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