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Summer Camps at the Lafayette Reservoir | Roughing It

Day Camp Program Overview

Outdoors Activities

Day Camp is Roughing It's premier program and has been conducted every summer since 1972. Most activities take place at the spectacular 900 acre Lafayette Reservoir, with the exception of swimming and horseback riding which take place in nearby Moraga (a short 6-8 minute van shuttle from the reservoir). Campers are grouped by grade and participate as a camper group in a wide variety of traditional camp programs. We only offer four and eight week sessions to ensure that campers have the time to develop a strong group spirit and improve their personal skill in each program area.

Campers participate in the following camp activities at Roughing It Day Camp:

  • Horseback Riding (all campers 1-2 times each week depending on grade)
  • Swimming (all campers 3 times each week)
  • Crafts (all campers 1-2 times each week depending on grade)
  • Sports (all campers 1-2 times each week depending on grade)
  • Fishing (all campers 1-2 times each week depending on grade)
  • Rowing (all campers once each week)
  • Canoeing (campers 2nd grade and above once each week)
  • Kayaking (campers 5th grade and above once each week)
  • Environment (all campers once each week)
  • Outdoors (all campers once each week)
  • Adventure (campers 4th grade and above once each week)
  • Trail Riding (campers 5th grade and above once each week)
  • Traditional Camp Games (capture the flag, medic, prisoners base, etc)
  • Group Activities (fort finding, hiking, challenges, etc)

    View a summary of activities in table format, here.

    Take an in-depth look at all programs on our Camp Activities Page.

    Programs for Older Campers

    Older Campers

    Campers have new and more challenging programs to look forward to as they get older at Roughing It. Junior High campers begin mountain biking and rock climbing. CILTs--Campers In Leadership Training--spend half their day in leadership development, while Junior Counselors assist full time at a program area or with a younger camper group.

    Older campers participate in the following special activities:

    • Kayaking (5th grade and above)
    • Rock Climbing
      (part of SuperChoice for campers 6th grade and above)
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