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Summer Camps at the Lafayette Reservoir | Roughing It

Longer Sessions Build Our Camp Community

4 & 8 week sessions allow campers to practice and hone their skills, build lasting friendships, and improve self-confidence. This is what we call The Roughing It Spirit.

Longer Sessions Make The Difference!

Our group-centered approach is a central tenant of our philosophy and the reason we offer 4 and 8-week sessions at Roughing It Day Camp. It takes time for staff to get to know each individual and time for campers to form friendships and a sense of community. By building a cohesive, steady group over longer sessions, counselors helps campers become friends, work together, share, and depend on each other.

Girls Camper Group A Place Where Everyone Belongs
And Friendships Flourish

Group Consistency Throughout The Summer

Each camper group consists of 12 campers of similar ages, led by an adult counselor who supervises and mentors the group for the entire session. Our counselors set positive guidelines and build strong supportive relationships between campers, encouraging every child to reach their potential. By participating in a wide variety of camp activities together over longer camp sessions, each camper group builds lasting friendships, team spirit, and a caring community.

We group campers based on age and grade. 1st through 8th grade groups are gender specific, while our youngest campers (Pre-K and K) and CILT campers (9th and 10th grade) are in coed groups. We maintain an overall 4 to 1 camper to staff ratio. Junior Counselors (11th and 12th grade) assist adult counselors with the youngest groups.

Creating a Community of Respect

Group Code of Living Group code of living
Click to View Code of Livings
From Past Camper Groups

Respect and personal responsibility are an integral part of Roughing It Day Camp and are what we call The Roughing It Spirit.

A great example of this is our Code of Living. At the start of the session each group comes up with a set of rules the group will follow. Campers comes up with the rules themselves, then sign and pledge to follow them. This contract becomes the foundation to build strong friendships and group cohesiveness. Campers find the code to be a great measure of individual growth towards becoming effective, contributing group members.

Group Building & Teamwork

Boys Camper Group Cheer Campers spend the full
day with their group

Activities provide the opportunity for campers to develop the social skills necessary to work and enjoy camp together. Group counselors lead group building and team leadership activities to create a strong group dynamic.

One of our long-standing traditions at Roughing It, secret forts and flags, helps campers build group loyalty and esprit de corps. Campers create a group flag and find a secret fort at the Reservoir to hide it. Campers protect the location of their fort and try to find other groups' forts and flags throughout the summer.

See a Typical Day at camp and what activities are New For You at camp as campers get older.

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