Full-Time Professional Camp Administrator

The Full-Time Professional Camp Administrator is responsible for recruiting campers and staff for one or more programs in the Roughing It Family of Camps.

About the Professional Camp Administrator Position

The Full-Time Professional Camp Administrator is supervised by the Camp Owner/Directors and collaborates closely with the Assistant Director, Marketing Coordinator, Personnel Coordinator, and Transportation Coordinator. There are specific performance objectives for both camper recruitment and staff recruitment upon which an annual performance bonus is based.

Making a Difference in the Lives of Children - the MAJOR Objective and Benefit

The Full-Time Professional Camp Administrator is an integral member of our administrative team and contributes greatly to the success of each camper’s summer experience. Our camp administrators regularly interact with both camp staff and camper families to ensure that each camper has the most fulfilling experience possible. You will truly have to opportunity to make many positive contributions to the lives of our campers and staff.

Performance Objectives for the Full-Time Professional Camp Administrator

  • All Roughing It camp Session Programs have full enrollment by June 1st
  • All staff are hired by May 15th
  • 60% of the campers return to Roughing It Day Camp during the following year
  • 10% of the campers matriculate up to Roughing It Day Camp the following year
  • All staff completes their full service commitment as specified in their work agreement
  • Roughing It is invited to return to its leased site during the following year
  • Roughing It generates a 15% profit after all expenses and 15% pro rata overhead share

Roughing Its Roughing It Day Camp Programs Overview

Roughing It has offered a variety of day camp and horse programs during the past years and continues to offer and develop new and innovative programs for the children of the San Francisco Bay Area. The major program is the Day Camp in which 160-290 campers participate each day of the eight week camp season.

Roughing It Day Camp Concept

Roughing It Day Camp is the flagship of the Roughing It family of camps, offering traditional outdoor camp programs with such activities as: swimming, horseback riding, fishing, rowing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, camp games, crafts, drama, sports, outdoor cooking, environmental education, music, and adventure activities. We are able to offer the more specialized camp activities (horseback riding, canoeing, swimming, etc) because the longer four week Session Programs allow sufficient time to adequately prepare the campers to safely participate in these activities. Roughing It Day Camp provides full bus service either door-to-door or from pick up spots for all of our day campers. Transportation time is an important part of the camp day and we offer fun and engaging activities for campers during the bus ride. Roughing It Day Camp IS the PREMIER day camp experience for children in the San Francisco Bay area and we will continue to take every effort to ensure that our campers always receive the very best camp experience possible.

Matriculation to Roughing It Day Camp - the MAJOR Objective

One of the major objectives of Roughing It is to educate parents and campers as to the value of a real camp experience.  We hope to use our family of camps to eventually matriculate campers into the four or eight week sessions of Day Camp which is ultimately the major focus of the Roughing It organization.  We offer a variety of additional camp programs to help educate parents as to the value of camp and to matriculate their children up into the full 4 and 8 week Session Programs of our flagship day camp program.  These additional programs include:

  • Horse Day Camp (2 week Session Programs)
  • Little Raccoons (2 week Session Programs)
  • Outdoor Explorers Day Camp (1 week Session Programs)

Responsibilities of Camp Administrator

Roughing It Program Marketing:

  • Recruit campers to fill all Roughing It programs
  • Coordinate with Marketing Coordinator on camper recruitment efforts
  • Roughing It program brochure design and distribution
  • Matriculate Roughing It campers from previous summer into Roughing It Day Camp
  • School auction, camp fairs, ads, and returning camper family marketing
  • Camper recruitment website advertising & recruiting

Roughing It Staff Recruitment:

  • Recruit all Roughing It staff in coordination with the Personnel Coordinator
  • Conduct background and reference checks on all Roughing It staff
  • Staff recruitment website advertising & recruiting

Roughing It Site Management:

  • Locates and coordinates summer Roughing It sites
  • Organize site set-up and take-down for all Roughing It sites
  • Orient new staff to Roughing It site(s) set-up and policies
  • Supervise special projects on the Roughing It sites improvements

Staff Supervision & Leadership:

  • Supervise, train, orient and support the Roughing It Site/Program Directors
  • Conduct Admin Staff Training for Roughing It site directors & assistant directors
  • Conduct instruction techniques during staff training
  • Serve as relief/substitute director for the Roughing It programs

Future Program Development:

  • Develop other new and innovative Roughing It programs

Summer Responsibilities

Fill a position as a supervisor on our day camp staff based on experience as determined by the camp owner/directors. This position normally involves progressively increased level of responsibility through the first four summers of employment. Candidates who possess exceptional teaching, leadership and supervision skills as demonstrated by previous camp experience may be appointed to a higher level position solely at the discretion of the camp owner/directors.  Below is a list of some of the supervisor positions that a camp administrator might take during the summer.

  • Group Counselor
  • Unit Leader
  • CampPlus Coordinator
  • Head of one of our program areas, such as Horse Day Camp, Waterfront, or Reservoir Staff
  • Assistant Program Director


Required Prerequisites

  • College or University Degree
  • Extensive camp leadership experience
  • Documented previous camp instructor experience (documented by references)
  • Ability to obtain first aid & CPR certifications before summer season
  • Ability to obtain approved instructor certification (WSI, CHA, etc) within one year
  • Ability to obtain California Commercial Class B license within 3 months
  • Minimum of 2 references who can validate both camp and teaching skills
  • Ability to obtain approved First Responder (advanced first aid) within 18 months

Highly Desired Prerequisites:

  • Previous experience on Day Camp staff at Roughing It
  • Instructor certification (from an approved organization)
  • Lifeguard certification
  • Instructor experience at an ACA accredited camp
  • Previous instructor experience at a camp
  • Previous camp employment at an ACA accredited camp
  • Youth leadership experience

Computer Literacy

This position requires a strong knowledge of Windows based programs, and the ability to learn new ones. Programs used in our office and easily learned include:

  • Microsoft Word
  • ACT! 2000; 2005
  • EZ-CAMP 2 (camp registration software)
  • Outlook Email Client
  • Internet Explorer
  • Swiftpage

Other programs that are helpful for this position but are not mandatory are:

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Photoshop

General Position Yearly Overview

This position works directly for the camp owner/directors and is responsible for the organization, supervision, staffing and execution of parts of the Roughing It Day Camp program.  Camp Administrators are involved in many areas of camp marketing, sales, recruiting and personnel.  A yearly breakdown of duties follows:

October-December – Preparation:

During the fall months the Full-Time Professional Camp Administrator is involved in the planning, preparation and organization of the coming summer’s program and the coming spring camper recruitment program.

January-April – Sales & Recruiting:

The Full-Time Professional Camp Administrator is primarily responsible for camper marketing, recruitment, registration and orientation. They conduct a variety of camp informational shows and orientation events for camper families. They represent the camp at camp fairs and other recruitment events. The Full-Time Professional Camp Administrator is also responsible for the recruitment, orientation, training and in-processing of all Roughing It staff.

May – Site Set-up & Opening:

The Full-Time Professional Camp Administrator is responsible for the planning and supervision of the set-up and opening of the Roughing It sites.

June – Staff Orientation & Training:

The Full-Time Professional Camp Administrator assists in conducting a complete orientation and training of all Roughing It staff prior to the opening of camp. They actively participate and help lead both the camp administrative training and the camp staff training. They conduct a variety of safety and risk management workshops for Roughing It staff. The also conduct a variety of instructor skills training workshops for the Roughing It staff.

July-August – Camp Operations and Program Supervision:

The Full-Time Professional Camp Administrator is one of the supervisors for Roughing It summer seasonal staff during the summer season. They are responsible for the very close supervision of Roughing It site activity directors and for general supervision of all Roughing It staff and all Roughing It programs. The Full-Time Professional Camp Administrator ensures that all Roughing It policies, procedures and directives are adhered to during the summer season. Full-Time Professional Camp Administrators serve in a variety of administrative positions at camp during the summer. They are scheduled to work 50 hours each week but are often called to work additional hours as campers and staff require them.

IMPORTANT! – Relief Director, Relief Administrator and Relief Staff:

The Full-Time Professional Camp Administrator is the primary relief/substitute for replacement of any of the key day camp staff and Roughing It staff during the course of the summer. They will assume the role of a site director, activity director or staff member should it be necessary to replace the director for a short or long period of the summer season. The Full-Time Professional Camp Administrator is also prepared to serve as a replacement for any other camp administrator should such relief be necessary, including: the CampPlus Director, Transportation Director, Unit Leader, Program Director, a Group Counselor or any other staff member.

September – Site Close Down and Pack-up:

The Full-Time Professional Camp Administrator is responsible for the closing down of all Roughing It camp sites and the pack out and storage of all equipment for the winter months. They will also be responsible for the completion of all camper and staff final program evaluations.

Entry Level - Internship Options

We are happy to tailor a program where the employee will progressively assume more of the job responsibilities listed over the course of several years. This allows the employee time to develop necessary skills and obtain required certifications.

Salary Information

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