Campers In Leadership Training

A Leadership Program for 9th & 10th Graders - Part of Roughing It's 4 & 8-Week Day Camp Programs

The CILT Program

The Roughing It “Campers In Leadership Training” Program (CILT) is a co-ed program for teens entering 9th or 10th grade.

The CILT Program provides special training and hands-on leadership opportunities in different camp activities, with a variety of age groups. Our high school students gain leadership skills while also participating in many of the teen camper activities.

Each week you get a chance to assist with a group of campers between 4 to 10 years of age. You help lead and plan camp activities. Your counselor and our staff will give you ongoing feedback and evaluate your progress. Daily, you spend time with your CILT group and counselor who teaches you various aspects of leadership. Then enjoy fun camp activities with your own age group. We offer you a safe, supportive environment, and help you build confidence, develop as a leader, make lifelong friends, and work as a team.

Leadership Opportunities for the Future

  • Build your resume with real life experiences
  • Gain experience working with children of all ages
  • Earn community service hours
  • Help make a difference
  • Become a Junior Counselor (teens entering grades 11 & 12) after successfully completing our CILT program

The Roughing It CILT Program Includes:

  • Hands-on Leadership Experience with younger Children and in Camp Activity Areas
  • Ongoing Evaluation & Recommendations
  • CILT Service Project & Special Event Planning
  • Leadership Training Curriculum & Qualification Card
  • 1st Year & 2nd Year CILT Tracks
  • Specialty Instruction Clinics at Waterfront, Swimming, and Riding
  • Opportunities to Earn Certifications in Program
  • Areas such as Certified Horseman Association, ARC Basic and Emergency Water Safety, and Instructors Aid
  • Train to Be a Junior Counselor

Creating Future Leaders

Camp can help Teens gain skills in leadership, teamwork, and much more. See what other skills camp can build, and discover some famous leaders who went to camp!


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