Summer Staff Dress Code


Roughing It Day Camp is by nature, a very conservative organization. We project an image that instills parents’ confidence in us. When an employee is on the job, whether in the office, running errands in town, delivering information to an organization, running a bus route for any of our Day Camp, Horse Camp, or CampPlus programs, or on the camp site, that person is always representing our organization.


The Roughing It image is neat, tidy, clean, positive, and conservative. The high fashion, glitzy, trendy looks are not what we stand for and will not be represented by Roughing It employees. We wish to protect a wholesome outdoor (L.L. Bean) look.

Ninety-five per cent of a person’s first impression is determined by appearance alone. More importantly, Roughing It employees are role models for our campers. It is necessary that our campers learn not to judge people by the latest fad or fashion trend, but get to know each person’s character.

Dress Code Standards

An important trademark of Roughing It Day Camp is that our staff present an image and behavior that parents desire for their children. Parents of Roughing It campers seek very special individuals as role models for their children. Parents expect that Roughing It staff are not only experienced in working with and teaching children, but are also of high moral character, sensitive, kind, and present a neat, clean-cut, healthy, and conservative image. As staff members, you are expected to mirror an image, dress, and acceptable hygiene that will reflect the traditional values of the conservative clientele we service.

Parents are not looking to our staff for the latest fashion statements. Parents of Roughing It campers expect that the Roughing It staff will be outstanding role models who present an image that is simple, clean, attractive, and wholesome.

When you accept employment at Roughing It Day Camp, you are agreeing to support and adhere to all of our policies and procedures, including the Roughing It Dress Code.

Staff must adhere to the Roughing It Dress Code throughout the duration of their employment with Roughing It Day Camp, and at all camp events staff choose to attend in the “off-season” where campers are present (Sample Camp, Camper Reunion, etc). Staff are required to be in compliance with dress code standards during orientation and training sessions as well as during each day of the regular day camp season. Staff should appear at their very first day of orientation, driver training, and during the week(s) of staff training dressed and groomed according to the Roughing It Dress Code.


All staff will wear clothing that is clean, and in good condition: not in need of repairs, wrinkled, torn, with holes, faded, or noticeably worn. No cuts, pen markings, or alterations may be made to Roughing It T-shirts or sweatshirts. T-shirts and sweatshirts are to be the correct size and not so large that they are “baggy” or so small that they are too tight.

Clothing that is considered too revealing, in the opinion of the Directors, is not permitted. This includes swimsuits (please see section on swimsuits, below.)

During the camp season, all camp staff are required to wear Roughing It T-shirts and/or sweatshirts daily. Staff should be in accordance with Roughing It Dress Code Standards everyday during the camp season, including days of staff training and orientations. Camp secretaries may be the exception.


Swimsuits worn by all staff members should be in good taste, modestly cut, and not revealing. Swimsuits that are considered too revealing, in the opinion of the Directors, are not permitted. Two-piece swimsuits and bikinis are not allowed to be worn by staff members. Swimsuits must be one-piece and in good taste.

Swimsuits must have straps so that the swimsuit will stay in place during active swimming and diving activities. Swimsuits worn by male staff must have a drawstring to aid in keeping swimsuit in place during active swimming and diving activities.


Shoes are satisfactory when they cover the entire foot, including the toes and heel. “Flip-flops”, tevas, Birkenstocks, and other types of open-toe sandals are not permitted at camp, except while staff is on the pool deck. Athletic shoes are preferred, tennis shoes, walking/running shoes, and cross training shoes are most commonly warn, and usually work best for camp activities. Shoes worn by Roughing It employees should be clean, matching, and should be white, or light colored. Black shoes are not permitted. Shoes should have an arch support and be laced to the top at all times, providing maximum comfort and support during active movement. Shoes must be durable and in good condition so the wearer can safely participate in all activities. Hiking boots may be worn for hiking days, rainy days, and/or on cold weather days. Riding boots may be worn by riding staff, and are allowed to be worn by other staff on special occasions (dress-up days, skits).


Socks worn by staff members must be clean, matching, and in good condition. Socks with holes are not permitted. Socks must either be white in color, or blend with the staff member’s outfit. Hosiery is not worn at camp.


Shorts worn by Roughing It staff members must be in excellent condition without any signs of wear. Shorts must fit comfortably, neither too tight nor too loose, so the wearer can easily move in order to participate in camp activities. Shorts should be clean and unwrinkled at the start of each day, and should be made of a material that is durable and suitable for camp. Shorts should be an acceptable length so neither the underwear nor buttocks of the wearer can be seen when bending over or moving about. The midriff and bellybutton must be covered at all times.

Pants and Jeans

Pants or jeans worn by staff members must be in excellent condition with no signs of wear, and be clean and unwrinkled at the start of the day. Pants and jeans must fit comfortably, and must not be too tight or too loose. Pants or jeans that hit well below the waistline or balloon out on the sides are not acceptable at camp. Pants should fit in such a way that neither the underwear nor buttocks of the wearer can be seen when bending over or moving about, nor should the midriff or bellybutton be revealed. Pants and jeans must be made of a material that allows movement and is durable and suitable for camp activities. Pants may be worn over shorts.

Shirts and Sweatshirts

Staff must be wearing a Roughing It staff shirt and/or sweatshirt at all times while at camp. The Roughing It Day Camp staff shirts are gold with brown ink, and contain the Roughing It logo, and imprinted with the word “staff.” Each staff member is issued two gold, Roughing It staff shirts and one staff sweatshirt at the beginning of the camp season. Staff shirts and sweatshirts may not be altered or changed in any way, and must be clean and unwrinkled at the start of each day. Staff shirts and sweatshirts should not show any signs of wear, and should be labeled with the staff members name on the tag. Shirts and sweatshirts should fit comfortably, neither too tight nor too loose, so the wearer can easily participate in activities. Shirts and sweatshirts must be long enough so that the midriff and/or bellybutton is not exposed at any time. Staff should wear their shirts tucked in during opening and closing circle, and when parents or press are present.

Roughing It’s gold staff shirts must be worn at all times except when swimming. Lifeguards wear special tank tops labeled “lifeguard” while on duty. A Roughing It staff shirt or sweatshirt should be the outer most layer of clothing at all times. Please do not allow campers to wear “staff” clothing.


Several varieties of Roughing It hats are available to staff, free of charge. Staff are required to wear hats at all times while in the sun. Staff is not required to wear Roughing It hats, but must not wear hats printed with beer, alcohol, or tobacco company names and/or logos. Hats must be in good taste, free from curse words and nudity. Hats must be clean and in good condition. Hats should be labeled with the staff member’s name, and should have a long, wide brim in order to protect the face and nose from the sun. When riding a horse, rock climbing, or mountain biking, staff members must wear a properly fitting helmet at all times. It is important that hairstyles do not interfere with the proper wearing and fit of hats and helmets.


Sunglasses are recommended for staff to wear when driving camp vehicles and/or instructing activities, especially at the water. Sunglasses are not required. When wearing sunglasses, they must stay in place when moving, and must not be ostentatious. Expensive sunglasses are not recommended for camp.


Sunscreen/Zinc Oxide

Staff are required to wear protection from the sun’s rays while outside and on the job.  Staff is required to wear a hat and is also required to wear some form of protective sunscreen/zinc oxide. Staff may bring their own sunscreen to use while at camp, or are welcome to use sunscreen provided by Roughing It. Sunscreen used must be SPF 30 or better, providing adequate protection from the summer sun. All Roughing It staff members are adults and are expected to take responsibility for their health. Staff members must take the proper precautions to avoid getting sunburned while on the job and at camp.


A watch must be worn by every staff member while at camp. Watches must be in good working condition, dependable, durable, and properly sized. Watches should not inhibit active movement. Expensive watches are not recommended for camp.


Jewelry in not practical for the camp environment, and must be limited to small unobtrusive necklaces, rings, or camp-made bracelets. Necklaces and rings are only acceptable if they are small, will not catch on anything, and are not too noticeable. Staff may wear friendship bracelets or leather bracelets, but not in such quantity that they obstruct movement or interfere with camp activities. Staff may not wear earrings at all. Earrings worn in ears or in any other part of the body are not acceptable at camp. Staff must remove all jewelry from piercings while on the job. Roughing It is not responsible for any lost or damaged jewelry. Wristwatches are to be worn by all staff members, see wristwatch section for more details.

Personal Hygiene

It is expected that all staff will exercise good personal hygiene habits. It is essential that staff bathe themselves on a regular basis, and do not have offensive odor. It is necessary that staff launder their clothing so that it remains fresh and clean. Roughing It staff will follow the rules outlined by the Roughing It Dress Code in order to maintain acceptable appearance, health, and hygiene.


We prefer that female staff wear no make-up, however, female staff may wear light make-up that compliments their look so that it is not exaggerated or noticeable in the opinion of the directors. Heavy eye make-up, powder, and/or blush that is noticeable, is not acceptable.

Male staff may wear no make-up at all, except during skits that have been pre-approved by a camp administrator.


Female staff must have clean-shaven legs and underarms at all times.

Male staff must have clean-shaven faces at all times. This means, no “5 o’clock shadow” or stubble should be visible. Growing a beard, mustache, or goatee during the duration of employment with Roughing It Day Camp is not permitted. Having a clean-shaven face is an important part of the “Roughing It Look.” At Roughing It Day Camp, we are serious about our dress code standards because we are serious about our company and its image.  Male staff may have neatly trimmed mustaches, but only when approved by the Directors.

Hairstyles and Hair Color

All staff are to maintain their hair so it is clean, healthy, and worn in simple traditional, gender appropriate styles. Highly trendy haircuts are not acceptable for staff to wear. Haircuts with “tails,” shaven cuts with zigzags, close shaven sides with long hair on top, and mohawks are just a few of the many trendy styles that are unacceptable for Roughing It staff to wear.

Hair must be a naturally occurring hair color, and must not show obvious “roots” or evidence that it is dyed (“brassy” appearance, obvious and unnatural streaks) at any time during the camp season or staff training. Changing hair color after being interviewed, and before you begin work, is not permitted unless advised to do so by Roughing It Day Camp.

Female staff must wear a simple, well-styled cut, with the hair out of the eyes. A ribbon or barrette may be worn, but hair accessories should not be highly noticeable. Hair must be worn so that the staff member does not have to constantly redo it, or worry about it getting wet at the swimming pool, or messy at the riding site. Hair spray and/or gel is not allowed at camp, except when used in skits that have been approved by a camp administrator.

Male staff must wear a simple, well-styled cut with hair out of the eyes. Hair needs to be trimmed and styled in a tidy manner. Hair should be cut close and tapered to the nape of the neck so that it is no longer than three inches long in the back. We prefer that male staff do not use hairspray or gel, and will not tolerate greasy looking hairstyles. Sideburns should be trimmed and tidy, and should not be more than one and a half inches in length. Long sideburns are not allowed.


Staff members with tattoos must agree to keep their tattoos covered at all times while at camp. Some acceptable ways to cover tattoos: surgical tape, wrist/sweatbands, bandannas, clothing, etc. Staff members are not permitted to get tattoos during the camp season. If a staff member has a tattoo in a place where it is not visible during the interview, but could be noticed during camp, the individual is required to disclose this information before signing a work agreement.

Purpose of Dress Code Standards

  1. To role model proper standards of dress and hygiene for all Roughing It campers.
  2. To be able to identify Roughing It employees immediately.
  3. To instill in the mind of the public that respect for the Roughing It Dress Code is a symbol of reliability and service.
  4. To instill in the employee, pride and high morals when wearing the Roughing It “uniform.”
  5. To provide employees with guidelines for wearing comfortable, attractive and, protective clothing while on-the-job.

Since the appearance of Roughing It employees is the responsibility of both the individual employee and their supervisor(s), both employees, and their supervisor(s) will be evaluated in part, by the degree to which they comply with the dress standards and dress code for Roughing It Day Camp.