Typical Day

Choice Activity Periods, 13 Weekly!

Outdoor Explorers have the freedom to choose their own specialty activities during the Choice Activity periods, offered 2-3 times each day. Campers of all ages explore together their favorite outdoor activities at the Reservoir including boating, fishing, crafts, hiking,  sports, and outdoor cooking!

Program Activity Periods

Campers start the day with games led by their group counselor that are just right for their age.  During the first day of camp, the counselor will help campers to get to know one another with ice-breaker activities.

  • Each camper group is scheduled during the week to try out all of the different program activities. Campers  learn new skills in the program activities with their camper group including fishing lessons, rowing lessons, hikes, crafts, and outdoor skill building.
  • Scheduled program activities allow campers  to try new activities in a structured and supported setting making them feel more comfortable and confident to try something new during choice time.

Choice Activity Periods & Outback Day

Each day campers have 2-3 choice periods where they choose their own activities. Once a week, on Thursdays, campers have two extended choice times during Outback Day. Campers of all age groups participate together in choice activities.

  • Choice activity periods give campers more time doing the activities they love and that appeal to them.
  • Fishing, rowing, nature exploration, crafts, sports, and outdoor living skills are offered during choice activity periods giving campers time to go more in-depth into the activities they love.
  • Each Thursdays campers have extended choice time during Outback Day. Campers can choose to go on extended hikes, join in on more complex crafts, take longer fishing and rowing excursions, or whip up a meal in outdoor cooking.

Group Time

In addition to daily choices, Outdoor Explorers enjoy the camaraderie of a group setting during their daily group time.

  • Camper groups are co-ed and determined by age. While group assigments vary by session, typically groups are assigned as follows:
    • Group 1 – 1st and 2nd grades
    • Group 2 – 3rd and 4th grades
    • Group 3 – 5th and 6th grades
  • During the morning Group Meeting, Counselors meet with their campers to confirm their daily choice activities prepare everyone for the day.
  • Group Activity is a time for camper groups to decide on a group name and cheer, make a group flag, prepare a skit for Closing Circle, and participate in traditional camp games such as Mississippi, Village Chief, and Capture-the-Flag.
  • Groups come together each day for Lunch in the shade. Counselors will encourage campers to reapply sunscreen, refill their water bottles, and use the restroom. Younger campers may listen to a short story and older campers participate in a quiet game.
  • Each afternoon, Group Debrief is a time for campers to share their daily adventures with their group members and counselor and reflect on the skills they’ve learned. Counselors help campers get ready for the ride home-refill water bottles, use the restroom, and collect projects-and the next day. Groups may also practice a song or skit before heading over to Closing Circle together!