Safety & Health

Staff Safety Qualifications

The health and safety of each camper is the primary concern of each staff member at Roughing It. Supervision of the campers by staff is ALWAYS constant. All staff members receive extensive safety and health training during staff training each year. All staff members possess both First Aid and CPR certifications. All swim and waterfront staff possess a current Lifeguard certificate and senior instructors possess American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor certifications. Senior horseback riding instructors are currently certified instructors with the Certified Horsemanship Association. Roughing It provides the very best possible training and certifications to its staff.

Staff Training

All staff participate in an intensive six day staff training with workshops on counseling, safety, teaching and program planning. First Year Counselors receive an additional one day staff orientation before the summer begins and all camp administrative staff participate in eleven days of pre camp staff training.

Emergency Services

Roughing It has two medical doctors on call to provide consultation and medical services to our campers. We also make annual arrangements with local paramedics and emergency services to provide support to our staff.

We are Partners with Parents

We encourage and promote communication with parents. During camp parents are encouraged to call with any questions or concerns or to speak with any of their child’s counselors. Ann and Hobie are always available to talk with parents or campers. There are also several times when camper families are invited to camp.