Horse Club

Horse Club Is an After-Camp Riding Program for 2-Week Day Campers

Horse Club is an after-camp riding option for campers 1st – 6th grade enrolled in 2-Week Day Camp who want to learn or improve their riding skills and horsemanship.

Campers participate in 40-minute riding lessons, every Tuesday and Friday, after the camp day from 3:00-5:00pm. There are a total of four lessons over the 2-Week Day Camp session. After the lesson, campers are dropped off at one of our 10 after-camp central locations between 5:00-6:20pm (see below). The fee for transportation is included in Horse Club.

Program Info

On the first day of Horse Club all campers have a safety orientation and ride check. Our instructors will evaluate each camper’s skill level and put them into their appropriate riding group for the remainder of the program:

  • Intro Riding Group. For riders with limited horse experience. They will learn to ride independently and practice basic horsemanship skills.
  • Group Lessons. For beginner to intermediate riders who want to improve their riding skills and horsemanship. Must be able to ride independently.


Date: Every Tuesday and Friday over the 2-week session*
Time: 3:00-5:00pm
Fee: $550
Includes: Four, 40-minute riding lessons, snack, and transportation
Requirements: Open to all campers enrolled in 2-Week Day Camp, 1st-6th Grade, who have the stamina and focus to participate in group lessons after camp.
Limited Availability: Spaces are limited. Please sign up early to reserve your spot.

*Note: For the week of June 29th, Horse Club will be held Tuesday June 30th and Thursday July 2nd.

Transportation - Drop Off Stops

Campers take their regular bus to camp in the morning. In the afternoon, they are dropped off at one of the following bus stops:

Location Drop Off Time
Alamo CVS (Stone Valley Center) 5:40 pm
Berkeley Claremont & Woolsey 5:50 pm
Campolindo High School 4:55 pm
Danville Black Bear Diner 5:50 pm
Lafayette Elementary 5:20 pm
Montclair Tennis Courts 5:35 pm
Orinda Rite Aid 5:20 pm
French American Intl. School (Hickory St) 6:20 pm
Walnut Creek CVS 5:30 pm

More Horseback Riding Options

For campers who want to ride more and advance their riding skill:

  • 4 & 8-Week Day Camp: Campers in 4 & 8 Week Day Camp have riding lessons for beginner through advanced skill level included as part of the camp day (not after camp). The cost of riding is included in tuition. Campers in these sessions can sign up for extra riding five days a week in After-Camp Saddle Club.
  • Horse Day Camp is a 2-week specialty horse camp for 4th-10th graders who want to spend a full camp with horses.

Sign Up for Horse Club

You can enroll in Horse Club at the same time you register for 2-Week Day Camp. If you have already enrolled in 2-Week Day Camp, you can use the form below to register.