Horse Day Camp Program

Program Level Two

Fundamental Skill Development

Riders at this level have learned to safely ride with some confidence. They can use the four aids to control the horse at a walk, trot, circling and reverse and know how to handle, tie, groom and saddle a horse. In this level, they will refine their aids and work towards improving their partnership with their horse as they improve their seat and balance.

Mounted Skills

  • Balance of horse and rider (moving with, ahead and behind motion)
  • Balance in turns (using weight aids)
  • Ask, tell, command
  • First canter or lope
  • Lateral aids for canter/lope
  • Diagonal aids for canter/lope
  • Riding and controlling canter/lope
  • Posting on the correct diagonal
  • Simple trail obstacles
  • Jumping position – two point and stirrup adjustment
  • Ground poles and cavalettis
  • First jump – cross rail
  • Barrel pattern
  • Pole bending pattern
  • Trail riding
  • Mounted games

Unmounted Skills

  • General horse information and terminology
  • Horse colors and markings
  • More parts of the horse
  • Parts of the hoof
  • Picking up foot
  • Cooling a hot horse
  • Catching and turning out
  • Stable chores
  • Horse breeds
  • Adjusting stirrups English or Western
  • Gaits and footfalls