Horse Day Camp Program

Program Level Three

Skill Advancement

This level increases rider knowledge and prepares the rider for horse ownership. Riders will learn and improve their ability to obtain diagonals and correct leads, to jump higher and smoother, and to pass through and around obstacles with ease and increased speed.

Mounted Skills

  • Direct rein and leading rein
  • Neck rein and bearing rein
  • Indirect rein
  • Pulley rein
  • Leg aids
  • Seat/weight aids
  • Riding on a loose/light rein
  • Riding on contact
  • Backing
  • Transitions
  • Leads at the canter or lope
  • Circles
  • Reverses and half circles
  • Figure eights and serpentines
  • Changing rein on the diagonal
  • Western turnbacks on the rail
  • Jumping lines of fences
  • Cantering fences
  • Turns to fences
  • Simple courses up to two feet
  • Correcting jumping problems
  • Mounted games
  • Bareback riding
  • Trail riding

Unmounted Skills

  • Horse behavior and reading horse moods
  • Horse senses
  • Feeds and feeding
  • Bits and bitting
  • Additional horse equipment, artificial aids
  • Care of tack
  • Kinds of jumps