Horse Day Camp Program

Program Level One

New and Beginning Riders

Begin your association with horses, including learning how to safely tie, groom, saddle and bridle, mount and ride a horse. Campers will learn to identify parts of the horse and riding equipment and will develop the ability to control a horse up through the trot.

Mounted Skills

  • Mounting / Dismounting
  • Basic position (how to sit and hold the reins)Very first ride (stop, start and steer)
  • Basic English or Basic Western position
  • Basic control at a walk
  • Use of four natural aids
  • Reverses and circles
  • Very first trot
  • Sitting trot or jogging
  • Trotting turns, reverses and circles with control
  • Standing trot – introduction to two-point position
  • Posting the trot
  • Exercises on horseback
  • Emergency “quick” dismount
  • First trail ride

Unmounted Skills

  • Introduction to stable and safety rules
  • Basic horse sense
  • Approaching and working around a tied horse
  • Haltering
  • Leading and turning a horse
  • Tying a horse with a quick release knot
  • Grooming
  • Saddling Western or English
  • Bridling Western or English
  • Basic parts of the horse
  • Parts of English or Western tack
The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA)