Horse Day Camp – Program Level One

Horse Day Camp Program

Program Level One

New and Beginning Riders

Begin your association with horses, including learning how to safely tie, groom, saddle and bridle, mount and ride a horse. Campers will learn to identify parts of the horse and riding equipment and will develop the ability to control a horse up through the trot.

Mounted Skills

  • Mounting / Dismounting
  • Basic position (how to sit and hold the reins)Very first ride (stop, start and steer)
  • Basic English or Basic Western position
  • Basic control at a walk
  • Use of four natural aids
  • Reverses and circles
  • Very first trot
  • Sitting trot or jogging
  • Trotting turns, reverses and circles with control
  • Standing trot – introduction to two-point position
  • Posting the trot
  • Exercises on horseback
  • Emergency “quick” dismount
  • First trail ride

Unmounted Skills

  • Introduction to stable and safety rules
  • Basic horse sense
  • Approaching and working around a tied horse
  • Haltering
  • Leading and turning a horse
  • Tying a horse with a quick release knot
  • Grooming
  • Saddling Western or English
  • Bridling Western or English
  • Basic parts of the horse
  • Parts of English or Western tack