Horse Day Camp Program

Program Level Four

Advanced Riding Skills & Specialization

Riders at this level are proficient horsemen and women that know a great deal about horses, riding, horse care and equipment. They have a balanced seat and know how to use their aids to communicate correctly with their horse. In this level, riders will be introduced to advanced performance skills, and greater challenges in jumping and trail riding, as well as more in-depth knowledge about owning and caring for horses.

Mounted Skills

  • Level four aids, lightness and coordination
  • Suppling and rhythm
  • Working balance, collection and extension
  • Rein handling, head position and collection
  • Weight and leg aids
  • Bending and suppling exercises
  • Turn on the forehand
  • Side pass
  • Stops from the lope
  • Simple change of lead
  • Flying lead change
  • Pivots on haunches
  • Rollbacks
  • Western performance patterns
  • Lengthening and shortening strides (English)
  • Flexion and bending (direct/lateral)
  • Half halts
  • Leg yielding and two tracking
  • Jumping gymnastics
  • Combinations of fences
  • Rating over fences (take off point)
  • Courses up to three feet
  • Cross country jumping
  • Advanced trail riding

Unmounted Skills

  • Horse behavior problems
  • Hoof care and foot problems
  • Signs of health and sickness, common health problems
  • Preventative health care
  • Parasites
  • First aid for horses
  • Selection and suitability of horses
  • Confirmation
  • Unsoundness and blemishes